Minibus Hire in Liverpool

Liverpool is seen as one of the most progressive cities in the North West and it’s no surprise to see so many minibus hire companies vying for custom there.

Just like the city itself, the minibus hire market has also improved in recent years and consumers have access to a lot of different services such as the following:

  • Sports Transport – With sport being such a popular activity in Liverpool, some companies make this area their priority and arrange transport for not only professional games, but also for amateur teams.
  • Airport Transfer – Every minibus hire company in Liverpool is likely to consider requests for transport to the local airport.
  • Shopping Trips – There are a small minority of firms who run their own, regular trips to the large shopping centres. The visits run at set times although customers are generally required to book in advance.
  • Short Breaks – With various tourist hotspots being located nearby, companies are more than happy to supply their vehicles for a few days or more at a time.
Liverpool has a large amount of companies offering minibus hire and it can be difficult to make an informed decision. It should be mentioned that at the time of writing, the following three firms are seen as some of the most established in the region:

  • Coach Hire Liverpool
  • Selwyns
  • Maghull Coaches

Coach Hire Liverpool

Coach Hire have established themselves as one of the leaders in minibus hire across the country and their Liverpool branch is just as impressive as the others. The company offer minibuses with between 8 and 24 seats, while their large coaches can hold as many as 100 people. This has made them an extremely versatile firm and with customers being able to obtain a quote via their website, Coach Hire Liverpool should most certainly be considered.


With over 40 years experience in the industry, it would be fair to say that Selwyns have superb expertise in the minibus hire market in Liverpool. Their minibuses hold between 16 and 57 people, meaning that they are another versatile company in the area. Extra benefits for Selwyns include 24 hour breakdown recovery and satellite vehicle tracking, meaning that customers can always rest assured that they are travelling in a safe environment. Like a lot of the modern companies in the industry, Selwyns also provide a simple online quote form.

Maghull Coaches

Maghull Coaches are another company with vast experience, having been in existence for over 35 years. The firm offer a range of vehicles in their fleet with buses holding capacities between 16 and 75. Customers can obtain a quote through the online form or ring on the free phone number.

Minibus Hire in Liverpool Summary

Considering the fact that Liverpool has developed enormously in recent years, there is certainly a big demand for minibus hire in the area. As the three companies above have highlighted, the services provided in Liverpool are definitely extensive and consumers are given a wealth of options to explore.

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