Minibus Hire in London

London is one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the world, with the city attracting millions of people from all around the world every year. With the city being so busy, it will be no surprise to hear that the minibus hire market is absolutely saturated and consumers have access to practically every type of service imaginable.

Below are some samples of the most popular minibus hire services requested:

  • Airport Transfers – There are a vast number of companies in London who provide airport transfers, with some firms even just specialising in this area such is the demand.
  • Day Trips – With so many tourist attractions around, a lot of companies also provide very good packages for one day minibus hire. Most of the time this will be without a chauffeur, although one can still be requested if the need arises.
  • Corporate Trips – There are a select few companies in London who hold executive minibuses, designed for the corporate customer. These companies are targeting the big businesses of London, who often send their employees to various parts of the capital for either work or social purposes.
With such a huge range of attractions available in the city, it will be no surprise to see many minibus hire companies vying for custom. Some people believe that due to the city’s impeccable transport system, the minibus hire industry would be somewhat limited. However, this is not the case at all and if anything, the excellent bus and tube links enhance the minibus industry. To highlight the minibus hire market in London further, the following companies will be analysed:

  • National Minibus Hire
  • People 2 Places
  • Travel Force UK

National Minibus Hire

As the name suggests, National Minibus Hire services the whole of the United Kingdom although London is its main point of business. Through time, the firm has amassed a huge fleet and boasts a range of different vehicle sizes, with some being able to hold six people while others can stretch to as many as fifty nine. Such variety means that the company are open to the majority of consumers and with all types of events being catered for, every individual looking for minibus hire in London should consider this brand.

People 2 Places

This company claim to be one of the most progressive firms in the minibus hire market. There is a distinct difference between this firm and National Minibus Hire though, with People 2 Places acting more as a minibus hire broker. The company ask their users to complete a simple form and using this information they are able to return a series of quotes from local companies. This means that the user can get the lowest possible price for their job.

Travel Force UK

Travel Force UK are sure to be one of the most used minibus hire companies in the capital next year, with the firm’s headquarters being located right in the heart of the Olympic Games village. They mainly deal with executive vehicles, with customers having the option of hiring either a 14 or 16 seater minibus.

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