Minibus Hire in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne is seen as one of the most lively cities in the United Kingdom and this of course leads on to the area holding a very active minibus hire market.

Most companies in Newcastle Upon Tyne offer the following hire services:

  • Nightclub Transport – In some regions there may be very few companies who are willing to arrange nightclub transport. However, there are many available in Newcastle as companies try and reap the rewards from the vibrant nightlife.
  • Airport Transfers – This is another area which is widely catered for, with most companies at least providing transport to Newcastle Airport, while some will stretch further afield.
  • Sport Transport – With sport being so popular in Newcastle Upon Tyne, there a lot of firms who will be happy to cater for transport to away fixtures in other cities.
Having analysed the market, it appears as though the following three companies are some of the most established:

  • Green Mountain Travel
  • Keith’s Coaches
  • Prestige Minibus Travel

Green Mountain Travel

Green Mountain Travel boast over ten years of experience in the minibus hire market in Newcastle Upon Tyne and over time they have amassed a variety of vehicles in their fleet. Customers have the chance to hire minibuses ranging from capacities of 6, to those that can hold over 51. What’s more, in what is most definitely a unique selling point for the company, Green Mountain Travel have been used to supply vehicles for many film sets which perhaps shows just how reputable they are in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Keith’s Coaches

Keith’s Coaches are another firm in the area who have a hugely varied fleet, with the company’s minibuses holding anywhere between 16 and 70 people. All of their vehicles arrive with all of the modern features, meaning that customers can be at least prepared to travel in comfort. Some consumers may be disappointed with the quoting process with Keith’s Coaches, with the company preferring bookings to be made via email.

Prestige Minibus Travel

Prestige Minibus Travel are a very similar company to Keith’s Coaches, although their largest vehicle will only cater for 35 people. The company will supply their vehicles for any type of service, with airport transfers, corporate outings and school excursions being some of the most popular types of events. Customers wishing to obtain a quote from Prestige Minibus Travel have the option of getting in contact via email, fax or telephone.

Minibus Hire in Newcastle Upon Tyne Summary

As highlighted above, the market for minibus hire in Newcastle Upon Tyne is huge with the city offering a range of attractions for different audiences. From the university, to the vibrant nightlife; from the football team, to nearby shopping facilities, Newcastle Upon Tyne has something for everyone and this is the main reason why so many companies are vying for custom in the minibus hire industry. What’s more, considering the vast number of attractions, companies do not charge extortionate amounts and customers will not have to pay a lot to hire a minibus in the area.

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