Minibus Hire in Newcastle

Newcastle is another hugely vibrant city in the United Kingdom, with the city boasting a range of attractions that make the area ideal for minibus hire companies.

In general, all types of minibus hire services are provided in Newcastle, with the following being examples:

  • Short Breaks – With several touristic locations dotted around Newcastle, companies are more than used to providing their vehicles for a few days as customers head out on short holidays.
  • Airport Transfers – Practically every hire firm in Newcastle will offer an airport transfer service, although some will only target the city’s airport and none of the others in the country.
  • Nightclub Transport – There are a lot of firms, at least more than the average city, which will offer a hire service for minibuses at night.
With the nightlife in Newcastle being so renowned, there is most certainly a market for minibus hire just for this sector. Of course, with an airport and university also being based in the city, there are many business opportunities for minibus hire firms. There are many large companies that operate in the Newcastle area, with the following three firms being good examples:

  • Metro Vehicle Hire
  • Am Hire
  • Astro Coaches

Metro Vehicle Hire

Having been established for over twelve years, Metro Vehicle Hire have gained immense expertise in the minibus hire market in Newcastle. The company stretch their services all across the area, with nearby regions such as Gateshead also targeted. Metro Vehicle Hire boast that all of the vehicles in their fleet are no more than two years old and with customers having the option of collection or delivery on their mini bus, the firm offer a very flexible service that should be appealing to all.

Am Hire

Am Hire’s history is even longer than Metro Vehicle Hire, with the firm being established all the way back in 1984. Their first branch was located very close to Newcastle Airport and that has meant that the majority of their business has always been concentrated on airport transfers. However, following expansion, Am Hire now boast other branches to their business with offices in Gateshead and Sunderland being core to their success. With the company now covering such a large area, they are open to all services and this has meant they have become a popularly used company across the Newcastle region.

Astro Coaches

Like the first company analysed in this text, Astro Coaches was originally formed in 1998. The company do not hide the fact that most of their business arrives through the cities of Newcastle and Gateshead, although they are open to stretching their services to a wider audience if demand calls. Astro Coaches are available for all types of minibus hire services such as weddings, corporate travel and social events, meaning that they are very open to the majority of consumers. What’s more, with customers being able to obtain a quote through a simple form on their website, they are certainly a versatile solution that will appeal to many.

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