Minibus Hire in Norwich

Norwich is one of the most populous cities in the United Kingdom and at one point it was the largest, only for London to eventually overtake it. Such size means that minibus hire companies have a huge market to attack and fortunately for the people of Norwich, this means there is plenty of competition and consumers can usually negotiate a very good price.

The following services are some of the most popular offered in Norwich:

  • Short Breaks – This is undoubtedly one of the most commonly offered services in Norwich. Holidaymakers will have absolutely no problems in finding a company to hire a minibus for several days at a time, with practically all in the market offering this package.
  • Day Hire – Similarly, most companies also provide minibus hire for one day. It would be fair to say that the daily rates for one day hire are generally higher than for a long stay.
Considering the above, it would be fair to say that consumers have plenty of options to choose for in relation to minibus hire in Norwich. However, to make the decision making process a lot simpler for the consumer, just three of the more established companies in the area will be looked at. These are:

  • Abacus Rental
  • Feline Travel
  • Grayston Minibus Hire

Abacus Rental

Abacus Rental are a self drive minibus hire company, which may appeal to certain customers as this means that the end price will be much lower. The company have established themselves significantly in the Norwich area and unlike a lot of firms, customers have the option of taking out minibuses for short or long term hire. What’s more, Abacus Rental publish a full list of prices on their website which will allow the consumer to at least gain a quick and accurate understanding on the pricing levels for minibus hire in Norwich.

Feline Travel

Feline Travel are actually based around the whole of Norfolk, although obviously they still cover the city of Norwich. Customers have the option of hiring two types of vehicles, with the company offering 8 and 16 seater minibuses to the market. The firm cater for all types of events and with each of their vehicles including all of the modern features, Feline Travel should certainly be considered.

Grayston Minibus Hire

Grayston Minibus Hire are one of the most established minibus hire companies in the Norwich area, with the firm boasting over 35 years of experience. Just like Feline Travel, the company’s vehicles can hold up to 16 people with all minibuses accompanied by a qualified driver. The firm will provide transport to any type of event, with bookings being made over the telephone.

Minibus Hire in Norwich Summary

It would be fair to say that Norfolk, the county in which Norwich is based, is a very popular tourist destination with the coastal areas proving very appealing. This has meant that the minibus hire market has developed significantly in recent years, resulting in consumers having a huge choice of companies to choose from.

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