Minibus Hire in Nottingham

Nottingham has improved emphatically over recent years and is now seen as a thriving city with plenty of appeal. Such appeal means there is big demand for minibus hire and consumers can expect to find all the typical hire services in the city, with the following being some the most popular examples:

  • Sherwood Forest Trips – With Sherwood Forest being a large part of the Nottingham tourist market, companies are regularly running special offers to take customers there. Most of the time, these packages will include a chauffeur, although consumers can usually decide to hire vehicles on a self-drive basis to lower the costs.
  • Airport Transfers – Every minibus hire company in Nottingham will cater for airport transfers, with East Midlands being located just down the road. It is exceptionally easy to find a good deal for this service, with some companies solely focussing on this sector of the market. Consumers will generally be able to travel to other facilities such as Birmingham International Airport as well.
Considering the above, readers will not be surprised to hear that the minibus hire industry in Nottingham is somewhat saturated with many companies aiming to satisfy the needs of all of the different types of customer. This means that the consumer is faced with an incredibly difficult decision, as all companies appear on paper to list the same sort of benefits. However, the following three companies offer packages that indicate what the general Nottingham minibus hire market has to offer and should be looked at to aid this decision:

  • JK Minibus Hire
  • 1st Call Minibuses
  • JG Minibuses

JK Minibus Hire

With over thirteen years of experience in the industry, JK Minibus Hire have carved out a very good reputation for their business in Nottingham. The company can offer customers two types of vehicle; with an 8 and 16 seater minibus both being available for hire. The firm boast that none of their vehicles are older than four years, meaning that customers can expect a highly reliable service. With East Midlands airport being based just a short drive away, it won’t be a surprise to hear that this is one of the major services the firm offer although they still cater for a range of other events.

1st Call Minibuses

1ST Call Minibuses have been in operation for over ten years, although the minibus hire segment of their business has only been functional for two of those. The company traditionally only offered executive cars for hire, but they then extended into minibuses and this has proved extremely fruitful. 1st Call Minibuses can offer vehicles with between 5 and 16 seats, while some consumers may be interested to know the company’s price guarantee which states that they will beat any quote by 5%.

JG Minibuses

Just like the other two firms mentioned above, JG Minibuses can cater up to 16 people with the company having two types of minibus in their fleet that hold capacities of 8 and 16. The company’s range of vehicles is extremely modern and a lot of customers will be interested to know that bookings can be made instantly through a simple online form.

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