Minibus Hire in Oxford

Located around 50 miles outside of London, there are of course many reasons why people would want to hire a minibus in Oxford.

The following are some of the most popular services supplied by hire companies in the region:

  • Short Breaks – One of the most popular services demanded in Oxford is minibus hire for several days. Practically all firms will cater for this request, although some may attach mileage constraints onto their packages.
  • Day Trips – As well as hire for a few days, the majority of companies also provide one day hire.
  • Nightclub Transport – This is a service only provided by a select few companies, due to the risks involved. However, nightclub transport can be easily found although consumers should definitely shop around and check all the policies attached to this package.
Considering its proximity in relation to London, it would be fair to say that the airport transfer market in Oxford is very competitive with many companies vying for custom. A lot of these companies also offer general minibus hire services though, meaning consumers have a range of options available. Bearing this in mind, the choice for minibus hire is certainly wide in Oxford although the following companies are seen as the big players in the area:

  • Oxford Carriage
  • Ock Hire
  • Dazbus

Oxford Carriage

Oxford Carriage boast that their services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Such facts obviously mean that they are more than open to the nights out market, although the company also list airport transfers, theme park trips and seaside visits as other popular events that customers order. Oxford Carriage have three different types of vehicle available for hire; 7, 12 and 16 seater minibuses. The company have been offering such services since 2004, meaning that they have become well established in the area over recent years.

Ock Hire

Ock Hire boast over 30 years of experience in the minibus hire industry, which speaks volumes about how reputable they have become. Unlike most of the companies in this industry, Ock Hire give every decision to the customer and let them decide if they want a chauffeur to accompany their minibus, or if they would rather choose a self-drive option. With the firm also offering customers part-day hire, it means that Ock Hire are one of the most versatile minibus hire companies out there and all consumers should at least consider them.


While Dazbus may sound like a small company, the firm have grown tremendously since their start-up in 2003 and now operate on a fleet of 16 vehicles. The company are actually based in Abingdon but offer their minibus hire services to the whole of Oxfordshire, meaning that they are highly accessible. The company cater for all types of events and unlike a lot of firms, they are happy to customize their services depending on the order with a bespoke package being available. Bookings for Dazbus can be made through the telephone number that is displayed on their website.

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