Minibus Hire in Plymouth

Sat on the coast of Devon, Plymouth has established itself as a popular holiday destination amongst British tourists. It would be fair to say that most companies tailor their packages to meet the demands of the tourist market, although there are still other services available in the area such as the following:

  • Airport Transfers – Even though there is an airport in Plymouth, the mere size of it means that companies in the area generally concentrate on other facilities. Consumers should easily be able to locate transport to the likes of Bristol Airport and several of the London ones, while some firms also cater for Bournemouth.
  • Short Breaks – Another popular service offered is minibus hire for a few days or more.
All of the above highlights just how many opportunities minibus hire firms have to exploit in Plymouth. Of course, so many opportunities has meant that the market has become very competitive and customers and greeted with many different companies to choose from. For this reason, the following three firms will be concentrated on to provide an accurate outlook on how the minibus market in Plymouth functions:

  • Rentafford
  • GPJ Minibus Hire
  • Target Travel


Based in nearby Tavistock, Rentafford offer many different vehicles to their customers with vans, minibuses and cars all being available. Unlike a lot of firms, Rentafford include two impressive benefits in their packages with breakdown cover and unlimited mileage both accompanying all vehicle hires. Also, and again this is unique for the industry, the company provide a full list of prices on their website. Prices for all jobs appear to be impressive, with users being able to pay as little as £72 per day for minibus hire.

GPJ Minibus Hire

Having first opened their doors in 1995, GPJ Minibus Hire have expanded rapidly and the company are one of the big players in the minibus hire market in Plymouth. The firm can provide either 15 or 16 seater minibuses to their customers, with the majority of their vehicles possessing features to assist both the disabled and young. GPJ Minibus Hire are one of the select companies who are contracted by the local council to perform school transport services, which should highlight just how reliable and reputable the company are.

Target Travel

Target Travel are a few years younger than the previous company, having been first established in 1998. However, through recent years they have made massive strides forward and now claim to be the largest independent bus operator in the city. As well as providing private services, the company also run regular services for the public and such a fact suggests that they are another extremely reputable firm in the area. With many large organisations such as Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Argyle and the University of Plymouth being past customers of the firm, potential customers should have absolutely no concerns about Target Travel. To gain a quote from the company, consumers should look to call the enquiry number that is listed on the website.

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