Minibus Hire in Portsmouth

Based just over sixty miles from London, Portsmouth has many opportunities for minibus hire with companies aiming to exploit the capital attraction market. Consumers can expect to find the following minibus hire services in the region:

  • Day Trips – With so many of the UK’s best attractions located around Portsmouth, the majority of hire companies are happy to provide their minibuses for just the one day for these occasions.
  • Short Breaks – Similarly, the industry is definitely used to people hiring a vehicle for a few days or even longer and several firms in Portsmouth will offer discounts depending on the hire period.
  • Sport Travel – There are several small businesses that offer travel for sports fans. This is usually only available on weekends or whenever the particular team is participating in a fixture. There is also generally the option of a chauffeur.
Following on from the above, consumers should at least consider the following companies who have firmly established themselves in the market in recent years:

  • Southern Self Drive
  • 1st Minibus Coach Travel
  • Pete’s Airlink

Southern Self Drive

As the name suggests, Southern Self Drive are a company that do not provide a chauffeur with their service. The firm have developed significantly over the years and do not just offer minibus hire to their customers, but also allow other vehicles such as vans, cars and trucks to be hired. What’s more, and in stark contrast to many minibus hire companies, Southern Self Drive publish a full list of prices on their website and allow users to easily and efficiently make a booking.

1st Minibus Coach Travel

1st Minibus Coach Travel are part of a national group and this is certainly reflected in the services they offer. The company are extremely well known throughout the country and residents of Portsmouth have the same amount of options available. The company list all of their prices on their website and with users being able to obtain a quote through a few clicks of a button, 1st Minibus Coach Travel should be one of the first firms to be considered to at least gain an accurate understanding on the pricing model in Portsmouth.

Pete’s Airlink

While the name of the company may suggest otherwise, Pete’s Airlink do actually concentrate on other services as well as airport transfers. The company have a fleet with many different vehicles although their most impressive one is arguably their latest, the MINIBUSplus. This is aimed at disabled or special needs children, as the vehicle is adapted to suit those who are less mobile. Such a vehicle has improved the reputation of the company immensely and Pete’s Airlink are now used frequently by educational establishments.

Minibus Hire in Portsmouth Summary

The location of Portsmouth means that there is certainly a large market for minibus hire. This article has highlighted just three companies in the area which offer minibus hire, although there are many more and customers are encouraged to shop around before making a booking.

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