Minibus Hire in Reading

Reading is not really seen as a tourist hotspot although that certainly doesn’t mean there is no market for minibus hire. In fact, consumers have access to many hire services, with the following being examples:

  • Festival Transport – The annual Reading festival presents a lot of opportunities for hire companies and consumers should be wary about hiring a vehicle around this time. Generally, demand is very high and even for those customers not travelling to the festival; prices can increase around this period.
  • Sport Transport – There are some companies who specialise in sport event transport, with a lot of these being small family businesses that do not operate on a full time basis.
  • Airport Transport – With Reading located very close to London, practically every minibus hire company in the area is vying for custom for airport transfers. Most firms will provide services for all of the London airports, rather than just the major ones.
Bearing the above in mind, Reading holds a huge market for minibus hire. With so many options available for the end consumer, it can be difficult to successfully choose a company to use. For this reason, the following three companies have been selected to be looked at in more detail:

  • CH Travel
  • 1ST Stop Minibus
  • BVH Reading

CH Travel

CH Travel are a small minibus hire firm and this is perhaps seen in their simple website. The company state that they offer one type of minibus, with customers able to hire a 16-seater for any type of event. All orders are accompanied with a driver and users can make a booking through the obvious form that is found on the home page of CH Travel’s website. Unlike many firms, CH Travel also accept payment through Google Checkout.

1st Stop Minibus

Based in Berkshire, 1st Stop Minibus cover the whole of the county meaning that they are a very accessible company. They have various branches located around the region and having been in operation since 2004, they have also built a wealth of experience in the industry. Customers can obtain a quote through the online form on their website.

BVH Reading

BVH Reading specialise in vehicle hire on a number of levels, with customers also being able to hire cars and vans from the company. Just like CH Travel, the booking form for BVH Reading couldn’t be more obvious and is found on the first page of their website. They publish a full list of prices for their services, with one day minibus hire costing £73.65 while twenty eight day hire costs £1,482.60.

Minibus Hire in Reading Summary

Based on the outskirts of London, minibus hire in Reading is exceptionally sought after and this means that consumers will have absolutely no problems whatsoever in locating a company to supply their vehicle. Due to the choice, most of the prices are very competitive and as BVH Reading highlighted, some services will cost less than £75 a day for minibus hire.

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