Minibus Hire in Sheffield

It would certainly be fair to say that Sheffield is not a popular tourist destination, although that does not mean there is no market for minibus hire in the area.

In fact, a whole host of minibus hire services can be obtained in the area, such as the following:

  • Airport Transfers – The recent opening of Robin Hood Airport resulted in a lot of new minibus hire companies coming into the market. With some firms solely specialising in this sector, consumers will not have a problem in finding an airport transport company.
  • Holiday Hire – A lot of companies in Sheffield are used to hiring their vehicles out for several days, with a lot of consumers taking them out for short holidays to areas such as the Yorkshire Dales. The majority have set prices for each day the minibus is taken for, although most do offer discounts for long hire.
The above information highlights just how vibrant the Sheffield market is and gives an indication that there are plenty of business opportunities for minibus hire firms in the area. There are a lot of large businesses that operate in the minibus hire market in Sheffield and at the time of writing, the following three firms are seen as some of the more established companies in the city:

  • Rivelin Travel
  • Camerons Travel
  • Arnold Clark Rental

Rivelin Travel

Rivelin Travel have firmly established themselves in the Sheffield minibus hire market and offer a number of different options to their customers. They hold a hugely varied fleet, with some of their vehicles being able to hold 16 people while others have as many as 24 seats. As well as this, Rivelin Travel also provides options which allow customers to attach trailers onto the back of the vehicles for luggage. The company provide consumers with a simple form on their website to allow quotes to be easily obtained.

Camerons Travel

Camerons Travel provide minibuses with up to 51 seat capacity, meaning that they are suitable for all types of services.  The company were established in 1999 and since then they have grown tremendously and are available for a variety of events, including day trips, weddings and even fishing trips. The company’s services span right the way across the country and bookings can be made either by telephone or email.

Arnold Clark Rental

Arnold Clark Rental are a national firm that have branches all around the country. As well as providing minibus hire, the firm also hire out cars, vans and even dual control vehicles meaning that customers have a vast range of options to choose from. Arnold Clark Rental publish a full list of prices on the website, while bookings can be made via the simple online form.

Minibus Hire in Sheffield Summary

Sheffield may not be a tourist hotspot like other cities in Yorkshire, but it does contain various attractions that make minibus highly demanded. The companies listed above are just a small segment of the market, but consumers can shop around and find very good packages on minibus hire in Sheffield.

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