Minibus Hire in Surrey

Surrey is another one of the Home Counties, sitting just on the edge of London. This is hugely beneficial to the minibus hire market, with companies able to benefit from all of the attractions that the capital has to offer.

There is no shortage of minibus hire services in Surrey, with individuals being able to benefit from the following:

  • Airport Transfers – Due to its proximity to London, practically every firm in Surrey will offer an airport transfer service to the city airports.
  • Day Trips – Similarly to above, firms in Surrey realise the lure that London has and all of them will allow their vehicles to be leased out for a day.
  • Short Breaks – This is another common type of service offered in Surrey and consumers should be aware that in general, discounts can arise if more days are booked. On the flip side, there can be other risks such as mileage constraints with these types of packages.
A lot of the minibus hire companies that service Surrey will actually be based in London, meaning that there is a huge array of choice for the end consumer. With so many options available, the following text will narrow the choice down so the consumer can take a look at some of the most popular firms in the area. The following three minibus hire companies in Surrey will be analysed below:

  • Practical Minibus Hire
  • WVC Self Drive
  • AMK Minibus Hire

Practical Minibus Hire

Practical Minibus Hire perhaps go against the grain for the industry, with the company immediately highlighting their price list to visitors to their website. The price list states exactly what types of vehicles are available, with customers being able to hire minibuses ranging from capacities between 7 and 17 seats. With prices ranging between £44 and £78 a day depending on the choice chosen, Practical Minibus Hire certainly seem a very good value option and should definitely be considered.

WVC Self Drive

As the name suggests, WVC Self Drive do not supply a chauffeur with their vehicles although this can mean that prices are slightly lower. Just like the previous firm, WVC Self Drive publish a full list of prices on their website although they appear to be a little more expensive, with a 17 seater minibus costing £120 a day. Interestingly, the company operate a price match scheme, meaning that they will match any quote that is cheaper than theirs.

AMK Minibus Hire

AMK Minibus Hire are actually based across three counties, with Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey all benefiting from their services. The company possess a varied fleet, with their smallest vehicle holding 6 people while their largest minibus has a capacity of 16. Having been founded in 1973, AMK Minibus Hire certainly have a colourful history and boast that at the moment their fleet contains over 140 vehicles. They also claim to have won numerous industry awards, with the most impressive being the first operator outside of London to be accredited with 5 stars from the Private Hire Association.

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