Minibus Hire in Swansea

While Swansea may not be as renowned as Cardiff, the city is still very popular and is ranked as the second largest area in Wales.

This means that consumers can access a wide variety of services in the area, such as the following:

  • Airport Transfers – It would be fair to say that there are fewer companies offering airport transfers in Swansea, mainly due to the lack of a major airport. This means that customers may end up paying slightly inflated prices for this service in Swansea in comparison with other areas as there are greater distances to travel.
  • Short Breaks – Firms in Swansea are more than happy to supply their vehicles for more than one day and it will not be difficult for consumers to locate one.
With so many opportunities being available to minibus hire companies in Swansea, the market is competitive and consumers should not have a problem in finding a good deal. Due to this fact, consumers should look to analyse some of the big players in the market, with the following three companies falling into that bracket:

  • Rhos Meadow
  • Davies Coaches Online
  • Let’s Go Travel Wales

Rhos Meadow

Rhos Meadow is actually a repair garage, although they have recently added a self drive vehicle hire option to their services. The company mainly specialise in hiring out cars and vans, although they do have two minibus options with customers able to hire a 15 or 17 seater vehicle. Rhos Meadow’s website contains a full list of prices and with customers being able to hire their vehicles for half a day, they are proving to be a very versatile option.

Davies Coaches Online

Davies Coaches Online pride themselves on luxury travel across Wales and at the time of writing, the company can supply vehicles seating between 16 and 57 people. The firm are available for all types of services, although they make no secret of the fact that day trips are their most popular event. Users can make a booking with Davies Coaches Online through the simple form that can be found on their website.

Let’s Go Travel Wales

Let’s Go Travel Wales boast about being one of Wales’ largest independent vehicle suppliers, which speaks volumes about their success. Their reliability is further enhanced through the fact that the council of the city are one of their main customers, although they also have several other high profile clients with universities and schools being examples. Like the majority of companies in the industry, Let’s Go Travel Wales have made it very easy for their customers to enquire about a booking and have a specialised form page on their website.

Minibus Hire in Swansea Summary

Swansea may not be as tourist friendly as other nearby cities such as Cardiff, but there is still a good demand for minibus hire firms. The above has highlighted just three of the most popular, but in reality there are many more to choose from and consumers are advised to compare quotes before selecting.

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