Minibus Hire in Swindon

It would be fair to say that Swindon is hardly a tourist hotspot, although the area has grown immensely in popularity and this is mainly due to government acts over the years which have aimed to make the most of the town’s location.

Consumers can expect to find the following services in the area:

  • Airport Transfer – Sat between Bristol and London, in general hire companies target a variety of airports across the South. It would be fair to say that Bristol is probably best served, although individuals should not have any problems in finding transport to other facilities.
  • Day Trips – The location of Swindon means that companies put a lot of emphasis on releasing day trip packages and while consumers can hire minibuses for long periods of time, day hire is still the most popular service.
While Swindon itself does not contain too many attractions, the areas around the town still mean that there are plenty of firms out there that provide minibus hire. At the moment, the following three companies are widely seen as some of the more reputable establishments in the Swindon area and should at least be considered:

  • M4 Self Drive
  • Swindon Car and Van
  • Dangerfields

M4 Self Drive

As one may gather from the name, M4 Self Drive do not supply chauffeurs with their vehicles, which may prove either a help or a hindrance depending on the customer. The company have enjoyed numerous successes over the years and provide an extensive list of prices to consumers on their website. They offer cars, vans, trailers and of course minibuses for hire, with one example of their pricing being £89 per day for a 9 seater minibus.

Swindon Car and Van

While the name may suggest otherwise, Swindon Car and Van do also provide minibuses to their customers and boast that some vehicles can be hired for as little as £17 per day. The company claim to have over 100 vehicles in their fleet and with consumers being supplied with a simple quote form on every page of their website, they have made the booking process as easy and efficient as possible.


Dangerfields’ vehicles can be taken out on either a self-drive or chauffeur driven basis. For the former, only a certain section of their minibus fleet are eligible with the customers only being able to drive vehicles with a maximum of 17 seats. However, Dangerfields can provide for larger parties with some of their vehicles holding up to 57 people. Unlike many firms in the industry, Dangerfields appear somewhat dated and do not list a booking form, but instead require quotes to be obtained through email or telephone.

Minibus Hire in Swindon Summary

In summary, Swindon is a very good location for minibus hire companies as the area is situated right in between some of the most thriving cities in England. Unlike a lot of regions, there appears to be a lot of self-drive companies available which as stated above, may or may not appeal to customers.

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