Minibus Hire in York

Based in North Yorkshire, York is a hugely popular city and this is due to both history and current affairs.

Such variety means that there are a wealth of minibus hire services offered in the area, such as the following:

  • Day Trips – With all of the attractions in York, companies are prepared to cater for a lot of day trips. Unfortunately, despite the demand, in general pricing remains similar for all companies and not many savings can be made.
  • Short Breaks – Likewise, practically every firm in the area will allow their minibuses to be taken for a few days at a time. When a consumer does hire a minibus for this length of time, it goes without saying that no chauffeur will be included while some firms also hold mileage limits that should be looked out for.
  • Airport Transfers – It would be fair to say that hire firms in York do not rely on the airport transfer market as much as other areas. This is mainly because the local airport only handles a small number of flights. Still, consumers should be able to locate a company relatively easily.
Following on from the above, it would be fair to say that York is highly desirable place to both live and visit. This means that there is huge demand for minibus hire and potential customers should be aware that the following firms are widely recognised through the York area as being reputable:

  • 2AM Travel
  • T'ony Way To Travel
  • Just Travel

2AM Travel

The name of this company suggests they are available for even the latest of trips and while 2AM Travel do not specifically state this, they do provide services for practically all types of events. The firm state that they will provide minibus hire for the whole of the United Kingdom, although a lot of their business does come locally with the York horse racing event and airport transfers being some of the most lucrative ventures.

T’ony Way To Travel

T’ony Way To Travel focus the majority of their business on the York, Leeds and Harrogate markets. The company were established in 2005 and have since made massive strides in the minibus hire industry, with their fleet containing vehicles that hold capacities of 4, 8 and 16 people. They are available for all types of minibus hire, while they claim to use only the best vehicles with Volkswagen being their preferred minibus.

Just Travel

Just Travel have a huge range of vehicles in their fleet with customers having the option of hiring six different models ranging between capacities of 16 and 53. The company were originally founded in 1999 although after several mergers they have become one of the largest firms in the area and now have a fleet of 16 vehicles. They do not have a booking form on their website, although they claim to have a dedicated sales team who are on hand to immediately assist with any quote enquiries via telephone.

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