Minibus Hire Self Drive

Holidaying with family and friends is always special and produces memories that will last a lifetime.  Self drive holidays are a particular favourite of many people due to the convenience and comfort of being able to be flexible with locations and the duration of stays.  Travelling in groups using a minibus is a fun way of travelling when on holiday and for those people who are choosing to stay in hotels, motels or bed and breakfast accommodation, a minibus hire self drive holiday is an excellent alternative to hiring multiple smaller cars to carry a large group travelling together.

What is Minibus Hire Self Drive?

Minibus hire that allows you to self drive is becoming more popular as the price of fuel increases the cost of hiring small cars or alternatively organising tickets on airlines or public transport also increases.  The comfort of a minibus provides a group with all the excitement of travelling together in comfort whilst also enjoying ample luggage and leg space and comfortable seating.  Many minivans are equipped with extras such as DVD players and Wi-Fi to ensure that family members are not bored whilst travelling.

Minibuses are ideal for activities that will last a single day or for multiple days and are equipped with the latest technology such as GPS to assist the driver safely locate his destination with relative ease.  The buses are easy to drive and always very clean and as they are serviced regularly and usually replaced frequently, they are dependable mechanically.

How to Choose a Minibus Hire Self Drive

The UK has many hire companies that specialise in hiring minivans to local and international customers.  Most have offices throughout the UK and this makes hiring a minibus very easy.  Family and friends or work colleagues may be able to suggest suitable companies that provide the buses at a good price and with excellent service reputation, but if you are looking for hire companies, some that do hire minibuses include:

  • Thrifty Car Rental which has offices throughout the UK and supplies to all locations throughout the country.
  • A1 National Van Hire which supplies minibuses and vans throughout the UK.
  • Cheap Coach Hire based in London supply minibuses from the airport and to the UK and Europe

What does Minibus Hire Self Drive Cost?

Minibuses are usually charged at a daily rate, though extended hiring charges may reduce the daily rate significantly.  There may be additional costs such as a levy for those aged under 25 and an excess payable in the event of an accident.  Individual companies provide competitive rates and it is worth shopping around to ensure you are able to locate a good deal for yourself and your group.  It is also useful to consider using any special rental reduction schemes such as membership to a frequent flyer program to assist in reducing the overall cost of hiring or achieving some reward for the money you spend on hiring a minibus.

Affordable and stress free travel in air conditioned comfort make travelling from location to location with a minibus hire self drive holiday a guaranteed favourite holiday option for your family or for a group of friends travelling together.

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