Minibus Hire Cornwall

There are currently two local companies that are providing high quality minibuses for hire in Cornwall. If you have been searching for a good minibus hire company in Cornwall then you should find out more about these two local companies that are called:
  • Eventz Travel
  • A2b Newquay Taxis and Minibuses

Eventz Travel

Eventz Travel is a minibus hire that takes great pride in its ability to offer the best minibus hire services in Cornwall and is recognised for providing outstanding minibus hire services for clubbing and festival events in and around Cornwall and the rest of the UK. It is also a minibus hire company that offers fast and cheap booking and also strives to offer affordably priced minibuses for hire.

Eventz Travel is the right minibus hire company to get you to your destination in comfort and style. It is also a minibus hire company that spends considerable time in finding out new and better ways to serve the customer to their entire satisfaction.

Eventz Travel is a minibus hire company that has been providing minibus hire services since 2005. Since 2000 this minibus hire company has successfully organised minibuses for various events including transporting guests to Liverpool to visit the home of the famous band called Cream. This company also has more than a decade of experience in organising minibuses and coaches to all kinds of music shows, sporting events and it also has even transported groups to Ibiza in Spain.

This is the right minibus hire company for those who wish to travel in comfort and who want to enjoy a well organised and safe journey. To book your minibus you can visit the company’s office personally or you can contact them on the phone. Their address is 9 Frost Court Falmouth Cornwall TR11 2UL and their telephone number is 07779 232854.

A2B Newquay Travel Taxis and Minibuses

A2B Newquay Travel is a top class minibus hire company that excels at offering minibus and taxi services to residents of Newquay and to people that come from abroad to visit the UK. The company has been serving customers since 1996 and today it owns and operates a large fleet that includes many high quality taxis and minibuses.

This minibus hire company is conveniently located in the very centre of Newquay and quite close to Newquay Airport. A2B Newquay Travel Taxis and Minibuses also offers minibuses that can accommodate small and large groups of travellers and at prices that are certainly most affordable and competitive. The company owns and operates a fleet of minibuses that can transport groups of eight, fourteen and sixteen passengers and it also operates mini coaches that can transport twenty-four or even thirty-three passengers.

Contact information

This company offers ideal minibus services for pleasure and business purposes. If you are looking to make a booking or if you need some help or information from this company you can contact them at their office or by phone. Their postal address is A2B Newquay Travel, 7 Porth Way, Newquay Cornwall United Kingdom TR7 3LP. You can also call them on 01637 87555.

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