Minibus Hire Coventry

To locate a company that can supply high quality minibuses for hire in Coventry you need not look further than two companies that at present can provide top quality minibus hire service in Coventry. These two local companies are:
  • ABC Self Drive
  • Deans Minibuses

ABC Self Drive

ABC Self Drive is a minibus hire company that offers short and long term as well as contract minibus hire in Coventry. There are several good reasons to deal with this minibus hire company in Coventry including their secure gated customer car park and inclusion of comprehensive insurance on each minibus.

The company also offers AA breakdown recovery as well as sizeable discounts for long term hire and it also provides additional drivers at no extra cost. ABC Self Drive is a minibus hire company that also offers a price match guarantee which means that this company will do all that is required to beat any quote that a competitor offers to you in Coventry.

Diverse range of minibuses

The company also offers diverse range of minibuses for hire. For example, you have the option of renting a fifteen seat minibus at just £90 per day and £160 per weekend while the price of renting this minibus for an entire week is £360. You can also hire a seventeen seat minibus from ABC Self Drive for a daily rental price of £100 and £180 per weekend. If you wish to hire this minibus for an entire week, then you will be charged £400 for the week.

This company also rents out the nine seat minibus for a daily price of just £90 and for £160 you can hire the minibus for a weekend. The cost of hiring this minibus for a week is £240.

This is also the right company for those who need to hire a minibus for a short duration such as a day or for much longer such as for a month. If you are not really sure about which minibus is right for your needs or if you need a special kind of minibus, then you can ask for and get all the help and advice from the company’s staff that knows how to match a customer requirements with a proper minibus.

To make your booking or to find out more about the company and its various deals you can get in touch with the company in person or by calling them on the phone. The company’s address is Lythals Lane Industrial Area, Lythals Lane off the Foleshill road, Foleshill Coventry CV6 6FL. Their telephone number is 02476 700522.

Deans Minibuses

Deans Minibuses Coventry UK is a minibus hire company that specialises in hiring minibuses of various sizes to customers in Coventry. Each minibus is also fully licensed, insured and maintained to the very best standards. The company also employs the most friendly and well trained minibus drivers to get you to your destination without a hitch. These drivers are also very polite and courteous.

Deans Minibuses is ready to supply all kinds of minibuses with drivers for all kinds of occasions. It is a family owned company that offers a diverse range of minibuses for hire and its largest minibus is one that can seat sixteen people at most. To contact the company, you can call them on 07979745039 or you can pay a visit to their office at 503 Charter Avenue Coventry CV4 8AT.

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