Minibus Hire Farnborough

Anyone that wants to hire a high quality and reliable minibus in Farnborough will find it easy to obtain the desired minibus after they get in touch with two local companies that are known for their high quality minibus hire services in Farnborough. These two companies are called:
  • Ambassador-Line
  • Farnborough Van and Truck Hire


Ambassador-Line is the name of a highly respected minibus hire company in Farnborough. This is a company with a difference. It is also an excellent family owned minibus hire business that has more than two decades of experience in providing a variety of transport solutions. This company offers both minibuses on hire as well as midi coaches and fully understands the value of providing the best and most personalised service.

Ambassador-Line is a minibus hire company that also serves each customer in the most professional manner and its services are also very reliable. The company that operates out of its base in the home counties serves much of the south eastern parts of England and beyond.

This is also a minibus hire company that aims to offer the best travel solutions and will provide suitable minibuses to suit every travel requirement. The company owns a fleet of vehicles that include minibuses that can accommodate from eight to twenty-six people. What’s more, each minibus is driven by an experienced and qualified driver who will do their best to make each journey a very comfortable and safe one.

Ambassador-Line is also a minibus hire company that arranges to rent a minibus for

  • company events
  • birthday parties
  • fund raising events and more
You can contact this company by filling out their online form or you can also phone and even email them. The company’s postal address is Ambassador-Line South Ltd, 14 Pine Drive, Blackwater Camberley Surrey GU17 9BG and their contact number is 01276 37113 and the company also has a unique email ID to which you can address your email.

Farnborough Van and Truck Hire

Farnborough Van and Truck Hire is a minibus hire company that is based in Farnborough and which provides a variety of vehicles (including minibuses) for hire. Regardless of the kind of transportation a customer requires, this minibus hire Farnborough company can provide a suitable solution.

Range of minibuses for hire

This minibus hire company offers a range of minibuses for hire including the Galaxy seven seat minibus which is well equipped to provide the most comfortable journey. The company also rents out the nine seat Shuttle Transporter with

  • automatic transmission
  • radio
  • air conditioning
  • cruise control
  • electric windows
This minibus hire Farnborough company will also readily rent you a fifteen seat minibus as well as a seventeen seat minibus that are the best minibuses for those who are planning on travelling in a large group.

This minibus hire Farnborough company charges £61.27 per day and £306.35 per week for its Galaxy seven seat minibus. The cost of hiring a nine seat shuttle transporter is £75 per day and £325 per week. You can also hire a fifteen seat minibus from this minibus hire Farnborough company for a daily rental price of £93.60 per day and £396 per week. The cost of hiring a seventeen seat minibus is £109.27 per day and £521.74 per week.

To book your van, you can visit this minibus hire Farnborough company’s office at 26 Chapel Lane Farnborough Hampshire GU14 9BE and you can also call the company on the phone on 01276 36401 or send them an email.

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