Minibus Hire Heathrow

Are you in need of a good minibus for hire in Heathrow? If so, you can safely hire a high quality minibus in Heathrow from two companies that enjoy an enviable reputation for providing the best minibuses for hire in Heathrow. These two local companies are:
  • WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd
  • Airport Express Services London

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd is a reliable and safe minibus hire company in Heathrow that offers a range of options for those who wish to hire a minibus.

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd is a minibus hire company in Heathrow that rents out eight, nine, fifteen as well as seventeen seat minibuses for hire. The eight and nine seat minibus is the right choice for group holidays, airport runs as well as for other outings. This kind of minibus has

  • power steering
  •  CD player
  •  ABS
  • breakdown cover 24/7
  • with seat belts
  • forward facing seats and more

Eight to nine seat minibuses

The eight and nine seat minibus can accommodate seven and eight passengers along with the driver and is powered by a diesel engine and can hold eighty litres of fuel in its tank. The company charges £96 per day and £192 per weekend while the weekly rental price is £480. This minibus hire company also offers European hire, for more information about this facility; you need to get in touch with the company.

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd also supplies fifteen seat minibuses for hire. This minibus also has all the features that are found in the eight and nine seat minibuses but is larger in size and can accommodate fourteen passengers plus a driver. The daily rental price for hiring this minibus is £108 while the weekend hire rate is £216 and the weekly rental cost is £540.

This company also rents out the seventeen seat minibus for a daily price of £120. The weekend hire rate for this minibus is £240 and the weekly rental is £600.

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd also offers a price match guarantee. If a customer finds that a competing minibus hire company is offering a better rate then WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd will match and even better that offer.

For more information you can make use of the online contact form which is available at the WVC website. You can also contact the company at 11 Bath Road Heathrow Middlesex TW6 2AA or you can call the company on the phone by dialling 020 8564 7979. In addition, you can also contact the company by email.

Airport Express Services London

Airport Express Services London is another option that offers high quality minibus hire Heathrow services. This is the perfect minibus hire company for travel to London via Heathrow airport in a chauffeured minibus. Airport Express Services London also has the perfect ground transportation solution for all your needs and their minibuses are driven by qualified and reliable drivers. Each minibus that is available for hire from this minibus hire company is very luxurious, air conditioned and also very spacious.

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