Minibus Hire Hereford

There are currently two companies that can provide you with the most outstanding minibus hire services in Hereford. These two companies are:
  • L T Baynham Self Drive
  • Caradoc Coaches Ltd

LT Baynham Self Drive

LT Baynham Self Drive is an excellent minibus hire company that has been serving people in Hereford for more than three decades. It is also a minibus hire company that remains open on seven days in the week and 365 days in the year and is there to offer not just minibuses for hire but also rents out small cars and large 7.5 tonne Lorries.

LT Baynham Self Drive is also the right minibus hire company for those who need to hire a minibus to suit their exact requirements. This company owns a range of vehicles (including minibuses) of different sizes and so, no matter how large or small your group is, this minibus hire company will rent you a suitable minibus.

This minibus hire Hereford company started out as a small firm but has, through hard work and dedication, become a respected and popular minibus hire Hereford company.

L T Baynham Self Drive also provides latest model minibuses for hire with none of its minibuses being older than a year. What’s more, each minibus is also covered by complete breakdown cover.

LT Baynham Self Drive is a family owned and managed business that strives to offer each customer the very best minibus hire services. It supplies clean and modern minibuses that are well maintained and therefore are safe and comfortable to travel in at all times. You can hire a Volkswagen Touran 1.9 TDi small seven seat minibus from this minibus hire company for just £60 per day and £120 per weekend. The weekly rental price for this minibus is £320. These prices are inclusive of insurance, VAT and unlimited mileage.

Hire a Volkswagen Sharran TDI

LT Baynham Self Drive also rents out the Volkswagen Sharran TDI seven seat minibus for £65 GBP per day and £130 per weekend. The weekly rental price for this minibus is £350. The cost of renting a Ford Transit Tourneo eight seat minibus is £82 per day and £164 per weekend and the cost for hiring this minibus for an entire week is £410. The prices quoted include unlimited mileage, VAT and insurance.

If you are a large group of people that need a minibus then you can hire the Renault Master sixteen seat minibuses for a daily rental of £100 and £200 GBP for the weekend. The weekly rental price for this minibus is £520.

To book your minibus, you can contact this minibus hire Hereford company at West Hereford Service Station 74-76 Whitecross Road Hereford HR4 0DG and to call the company you can dial 01432 273298/274977.

Caradoc Coaches Ltd

Caradoc Coaches Ltd offers high quality minibuses for rent in Hereford and is the right minibus to provide you with minibuses for

  • Evenings out
  • Night club visits
  • Private hire
  • Weddings
It is also a very reliable minibus hire company that is also prepared to provide minibuses with drivers. To contact the company you can call 01694 256617 or 07967 210008.

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