Minibus Hire Horsham

The best way to hire a reliable and safe minibus in Horsham is by dealing with two outstanding minibus hire companies that offer the best quality minibuses in Horsham. These two companies are:
  • Whitgift Hire
  • Sussex Coaches

Whitgift Hire

Whitgift Hire is a perfect minibus hire company that is based in Horsham and is an established business with more than thirty years of experience in the vehicle rental business. The company has grown and evolved in the long years of its existence and provides outstanding minibus hire services in Horsham. This is also a BVRLA registered minibus hire company that is well equipped to provide high quality service in Horsham.

Whitgift Hire is also a minibus hire company that provides a variety of minibuses on hire. It supplies the VW Shuttle TDI MPV on hire which is in fact the right vehicle for a group of eight people that need to travel together from one place to another. This MPV is air conditioned and also has plenty of space.

The company also rents out the VW Transporter Minibus and this minibus is large enough to seat twelve persons including the driver. It has sliding side doors and is perfect for virtually every kind of transportation requirement and is available for rent at the rate of £79 per day including VAT. The weekly rental for this minibus is £421 while the weekend hire rates are £184 including VAT.

To contact this minibus hire Horsham company you need to visit their office which is located at Victoria Street, Horsham West Sussex RH13 5DZ or you can dial its contact number which is 01403 275 005.

Sussex Coaches

Sussex Coaches is a minibus hire company that is well respected and a leading company that offers a variety of high quality minibuses and coaches for hire in Horsham. The offices of this company are located between Gatwick and Brighton and Sussex Coaches is also a minibus hire company that operates and owns a modern fleet of minibuses and coaches.

Well equipped company

There are several good reasons to deal with a minibus hire company including the fact that this company is well equipped to provide you with the exact minibus to suit your requirements. Whether you need to hire a minibus to take you to the airport or if you wish to visit the seaport or even to take a tour to Europe, this is the right minibus hire company for all your needs.

In fact, Sussex Coaches is more than a transport hire company as it is also ever ready and willing to provide all kinds of additional services such as planning for a group holiday and getting your ferry ticket and the like.

The company also operates on all 365 days in the year and wherever you want to go and for whatever reason you wish to travel by a minibus, this minibus hire company is going to take care of everything for you in a pleasant as well as hassle-free manner.

To obtain help, advice or to make enquiries or to book a minibus you will need to contact the company on 01403 741976 and you can also text the company on 07703 492031. You can also use the company’s online enquiry form and pay a personal visit to the company’s office at Sailors Cross, Green Street, Shipley, Horsham West Sussex RH13 8PB.

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