Minibus Hire Leamington Spa

When searching for a company that offers minibuses for hire in Leamington Spa, you can safely narrow your choices to two companies that can provide top quality minibus hire service in Leamington Spa. These two local companies are:
  • Where 2 Travel
  • Coach Links

Where 2 Travel

Where 2 Travel is a minibus hire company that is an obvious first choice for those who want to hire a minibus in Leamington Spa. This is a leading Warwickshire company that provides

  • high quality taxi and minibus hire services
  • total solutions for individual customers
  • Solutions for local authorities.
If you are a business that wants to deal with a minibus hire company in Leamington Spa that provides punctual and professional services then Where 2 Travel is the right company for your needs.

Where 2 Travel is a company that provides chauffer driven minibuses for hire and also owns a considerable number of minibuses, coaches, vans, limousines and cars that it offers on rent at very affordable prices. Where 2 Travel also makes sure that each of its minibuses is properly maintained to make travel in its minibuses very comfortable and safe.

High quality minibuses

Where 2 Travel is the right minibus hire company in Leamington Spa for all your needs and provides total transportation solutions for nights out, excursions and for a variety of other occasions. This company owns and maintains an extensive fleet of high quality minibuses that can accommodate groups of different sizes. Its high quality minibuses ensure that you get to travel in style and comfort. Best of all, these minibuses can be rented out at very competitive rates.

Where 2 Travel is a leading minibus hire company in Leamington Spa that has been providing minibuses for hire for local as well as for UK travel. To contact this company you have the option of visiting their office in person or you can also call them on the phone. The postal address of this company is 2 High Street Leamington Spa CV31 3AN and their telephone numbers are 01926 313141 and 08452 247290.

Coach Links

Coach Links is another good minibus hire company in Leamington Spa that excels at providing high quality minibuses for hire. Though this is a small minibus hire company in Leamington Spa it is nevertheless very independent and fully geared to providing excellent coach and minibus services in the very heart of Warwickshire.

The company’s minibuses can cater to the needs of small groups of people and can also meet the needs of corporate and educational groups. In addition, the company also provides minibuses to individual groups of people.

Though this is a company with a relatively small fleet of minibuses, it still ensures that each minibus is well maintained to the highest standards. In addition, the company has also earned a strong reputation for its high quality of service and it is also fully capable of providing transport solutions for one to thirty-three people.

To book your minibuses you can contact the company by telephone by dialling 01926 613255 or you can fill in an online form to obtain an instant quote.

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