Minibus Hire Merseyside

If you need to hire a minibus in Merseyside you can safely put your trust in three companies that are offering the best in minibus hire services in Merseyside. These three companies are:
  • Twilight Luxury Travel
  • Air Link Direct
  • Chadwick Travel

Twilight Luxury Travel

Twilight Luxury Travel is a high quality minibus hire company that is well placed to offer the most reliable and safe minibuses for hire in Merseyside. This is also a very reliable minibus hire company that will get you to your destination on time and in the safest and most comfortable manner possible.

Twilight Luxury Travel also offers suitable minibuses for hire to take you to the airport and to a stag/hen party and for almost every other occasion. In addition, it is also a company that guarantees to make each journey a most pleasant and enjoyable one.

There are several good reasons to deal with this minibus hire company including for being very reliable, offering prompt services and for being very professional. It also provides the best and highest quality minibuses for hire. If you wish to book a minibus, then you should contact this minibus hire Merseyside company either in person or by phone and even by email

Their address is Unit 2a Spekehall Road Speke Liverpool L24 9HE and you can also call them on the phone on 0151 486 8552. Alternatively, you can send the company an email to obtain further information.

Air Link Direct

Air Link Direct is a reliable minibus hire company that serves the Merseyside region and specialises in airport transfers to Liverpool, Manchester, Gatwick, and Birmingham and to all the other major airports in the UK. It is also the number one minibus hire company in Merseyside to offer low cost minibus hire service.

This company has been operating for over eight years and has made over one hundred thousand trips to the airport in Manchester. Air Link Direct is also a minibus hire company that is based in Liverpool and which offers airport transfer services and minibus hire services to Liverpool and its surrounding areas.

Besides airport transfers, this minibus hire Merseyside company also provides minibuses for hire for

  • Concerts
  • days/nights out
  • race days
  • weddings
  • holiday camps
  • golf days
  • corporate events
You can find out more about this minibus hire Merseyside company by filling out their online contact form and you can also speak to them on the phone by dialling 0151 280 0350 or their mobile phone number which is 07904 949318.

Chadwick Travel

Chadwick Travel is also a good minibus hire company in Merseyside that is currently offering a variety of minibuses for hire for

  • airport transfers
  • stag/hen parties
  • race events
  • sporting events
  • business meetings
It certainly pays to deal with this minibus hire company in Merseyside as it is best placed to offer a variety of minibuses for hire including those that can accommodate between eight and thirty-two passengers.

This is also a minibus hire company that also owns a fleet of minibuses that comprise minibuses such as the Mercedes Euroliner 24 executive coach, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Vitaro, Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit Executive and wheel chair transporters.

To contact this premier minibus hire Merseyside company, you can visit their office at 60 St Johns Road Liverpool L36 5SY or you can call 0151 290 2770 or the company’s mobile number which is 07832 377444. It is also possible to contact this company by emailing them and by using their online contact form.

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