Minibus Hire Midlands

If you would like to know more about which companies can offer you a minibus for hire in the Midlands at the best rates, there are two companies can provide you with the best rates and best minibus hire services in the Midlands. These two local companies are:
  • Advantage Travel
  • ASA Minibuses & Coaches

Advantage Travel

Advantage Travel is a local, family owned and operated minibus hire company that caters to every different kind of travel requirement in the Midlands. Whether you need to hire a minibus for airport transfer or for a day/night out or even if you need it for some other purpose, Advantage Travel is  the right minibus hire company for all your needs.

Advantage Travel is a company that is committed to providing each customer with top class minibus service and never compromises on quality. This company also owns a fleet of minibuses that are modern clean and well maintained. Each of these minibuses is driven by fully qualified drivers who hold existing CRBS. This minibus hire company is also registered with all the different local councils in the Midlands.

Punctual and reliable services

Advantage Travel offers punctual and reliable minibus hire services in the Midlands and is a proud supplier to some of the leading names in the Midlands including those such as Walsall Manor Hospital, Walsall Housing Group and Wolverhampton University.

This is also a minibus hire company that offers minibus services for various occasions including for

  • seaport and airport transfers
  • race days
  • day and nights out, as well as much more
To know more about different minibuses for hire and to understand how this company works you can visit their office at 11 Fountains Road Mossley Estate Bloxwich Walsall WS3 2RL or you can call them on 01922 500060 and 07948313533.

ASA Minibuses & Coaches

If you need to hire a luxury minibus then the best minibus hire company in the Midlands for such requirements is one that goes by the name of ASA Minibuses & Coaches. This minibus hire company was established in the year 2007 and has in a short period of time expanded quite rapidly and become well equipped to offer suitable minibus services for all occasions and budgets. The company’s staff will serve you with efficiency, friendliness as well as in a very professional manner. What’s more, the company’s prices are the best that you can find in the Midlands.

This is also a minibus hire company that has earned an enviable reputation for supplying well maintained, comfortable as well as very luxurious minibuses. Each minibus is driven by well qualified and experienced drivers – each of whom is also trained to treat you with courtesy.

If you need to deal with a good and reliable minibus hire company in the Midlands then your first choice ought to be ASA Minibuses & Coaches. This is a minibus hire company that provides high quality minibuses for local and long distance journey and it also offers twenty-four hour service. The company mainly offers fourteen and sixteen seat minibuses for hire and also takes up contract work and can supply its minibuses for short and long durations.

To know more about this minibus hire company you will need to visit their office at 186 Albert Road, Stechford Birmingham B33 or you can call them on 07788 930831 and you can also contact the company by sending it an email.

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