Minibus Hire Norwich

It is best to hire your minibus in Norwich from a minibus hire company in Norwich that has earned an enviable reputation for providing the best quality minibuses for hire in Norwich. This company is:
  • Abacus Self Drive Rental

Abacus Self Drive Rental

Abacus Self Drive Rental is the only really high quality minibus hire company in Norwich that provides truly reliable services. This is a company that offers its minibus hire services in Norwich as well as its surrounding areas and its office is located on Wroxham Road which lies to the north of the city of Norwich. Right from the time that you make contact with this minibus hire company till the time that you ride out on a hired minibus, you will be treated in the most professional and satisfying manner.

This company has a reputation being the only minibus hire company in Norwich to offer exceptional minibus hire services. In fact, this company also offers minibuses at very competitive rates and it is also constantly on the lookout for ways to ensure that each customer gets good value for their money. Towards this end, the company has bought a wide range of minibuses which are suitable for all needs and for all budgets.

Long years of experience

This minibus hire company has more than eight years of experience in offering excellent service in Norwich and has earned many accolades and is considered to be a quality minibus hire company in Norwich. It has also been chosen as the best local Norwich operator and has also joined a national network of similar vehicle hire companies across Britain to offer top class services.

Volkswagen Caddy (Maxi Life)

If you need a minibus then consider hiring one from Abacus Self Drive Rental as only  it can offer minibuses of the class of the excellent Volkswagen Caddy (Maxi Life). This high quality minibus can be rented out at very affordable rates and it can be picked up from the Wroxham Road depot which lies a few miles to the north of the city centre of Norwich and on the A1151.

This company also provides minibuses such as the executive seventeen seat minibus that can be hired out for just 75 pounds for a period of one to two days and 62 pounds per day for a rental period of between three and six days.

If you want to hire this minibus for a week, you will need to pay 140 pounds and for seven or more days the charges are 50 pounds per day.

Diverse types of minibuses

Abacus is a minibus hire company that also excels at offering minibuses of different types including one such as the Vauxhall Movano which can accommodate up to seventeen passengers. This minibus is available for hire at the rate of 85 pounds per day for rental period of between one and two days. For hire periods of between three and six days the rental charged is 65 pounds per day and for weekly hire the rental charged is 399 pounds. For rental period of more than seven days this minibus hire Norwich company charges 58 pounds per day and for weekend hire the charges are 170 pounds.

To contact this company you can either visit its office at 261 Wroxham Road, Norwich NR7 8RL or you can call them on the phone by dialling 01603 384012.

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