Minibus Hire Oldham

For people that need to hire a minibus in Oldham there are currently three excellent local companies that can provide them with the best minibus for their needs. These three companies that offer high quality minibus hire services in Oldham are:
  • Travel Line Minibus Service
  • Jacko’s Travel
  • David’s Handy Rider

Travel Line Minibus Service

Travel Line Minibus Service is a minibus hire company that offers the best in minibus services in Oldham. It is also a minibus hire company that rents out minibuses that can cater to the needs of between five to sixteen passengers. Each minibus is air conditioned and wheelchair friendly and is also the latest models and has privacy glass as well.

Travel Line Minibus Service specialises in different minibus hire services like

  • airport transfers
  • sporting events
  • nights out
  • day trips
  • school transport
  •  private contracts
This company remains open for business 24 hours in the day and seven days in the week and it also makes a thirty minute courtesy call prior to picking you up from your address. Travel Line Minibus Service also caters to special requests and employs well presented and licensed drivers. Whether you need a minibus for short or long distance travel this is one company that can provide you with an opportunity to travel safely and in complete comfort. The company also provides prompt services and its tariffs are also very low.

To know more about this minibus hire Oldham company and its rates, you can fill out their online contact form and you can also call the company on the phone by dialling 0161 401 0001.

Jacko’s Travel

Jacko’s Travel is a minibus hire company in Oldham that excels at providing pickup and drop-off services. When you deal with this company, you will enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you will get to hire a minibus that is safe, reliable, comfortable and well equipped. The company also supplies minibuses with drivers.

Jacko’s Travel has become a market leader and is well known for providing the best corporate travel solutions. In addition, this company will also get you to your destination in style and comfort as well as on time. It is also a company that rents its minibuses at very competitive prices and enjoys a reputation for providing value for money services.

Jacko’s Travel has been in this line of business since 2004 and owns many different kinds of vehicles to suit your requirements.

If you want to know more about this minibus hire Oldham company you can visit their office at 14 Watersheddings Street North West UK and you can also give the company a call on 0161 626 1803. Alternatively, you can also contact this company by sending it an email

David’s Handy Rider

David’s Handy Rider is a minibus hire company in Oldham that enjoys a wonderful reputation for providing the most fantastic travel solutions. Regardless of your requirements, this is one minibus hire company in Oldham that always provides you with the right minibus for the right price.

You can contact this company at 124 Stoneleigh Street Oldham OL 1 4LF and their contact phone number is 0161 626 4685. You can also contact this company by calling their employee on their mobile phone number which is 07970 832348. In addition, you can also send the company an email message to know more about its services and rates.

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