Minibus Hire Oxfordshire

If you are looking for a minibus for hire in Oxfordshire there are currently three local companies that can provide top quality minibus hire service in Oxfordshire. These three local companies are:
  • Ock Hire
  • Pearces Private Hire
  • National Minibus Hire

Ock Hire

Ock Hire is a thirty year old minibus hire company in Oxfordshire that knows the minibus hire service industry inside out. It is also a minibus hire company in Oxfordshire that remains open on all seven days of the week and offers party hire services as well. In addition, it also offers drop-off facilities during off-hours and takes a very flexible approach to serving its customers. You can also choose from a wide range of minibuses that the company makes available for hire.

Ock Hire is also a minibus hire company in Oxfordshire that offers the fifteen seat Transit minibus for hire at the rate of£ 90 per day. The prices quoted are all inclusive and include breakdown covers and VAT as well as insurance. In addition, Ock Hire also offers multiple numbers of day and weekly hire options which are also offered at a discounted price.

To find out more about the different rates and hire periods you will have to contact the company at its office address which is Drayton Mill, Milton, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4EZ. Alternatively, you can also call them on the phone by dialling 01235 834110.

Pearces Private Hire

If you are looking for a minibus hire company in Oxfordshire that offers satisfaction without compromises, then you need to get in touch with a company called Pearces Private Hire. This company has the experience and wherewithal to provide quality services and has been in the minibus hire business for the past thirty plus years. Pearces Private Hire is a company that began operating way back in 1970 and has over all these years become a company that rents out the finest minibuses in all of Oxfordshire.

The company also maintains each minibus to the very highest standards and it also caters to every need and excels at providing minibuses on hire for day excursions in any part of the UK.

For more information, you will need to contact the company at Pearces Private Hire,  Tower Road Industrial Estate, Berinsfield Wallingford,  Oxon OX10 7LN and you can also call the company on the phone by dialling 01865 340560.

National Minibus Hire

National Minibus Hire is a leading company in Oxfordshire that offers minibus services in all of the UK. It is also a company that owns a range of minibus hire options and is ready to hire out minibuses with capacity of six, twelve, fourteen and even sixteen seats. The company can also supply twenty-four seater minibuses to suit the travel requirements of groups of people that wish to rent out a larger minibus. Its larger minibuses can easily accommodate twenty-four and even twenty-five people.

This is a company that offers minibus hire services in Oxfordshire and its branches are also located throughout the UK. National Minibus Hire is a company that also offers minibus services for

  • day trips
  •  nights out
  • School trips and much more.
The company provides online booking facilities which make it much more convenient and easy to hire a minibus at any time of the day or night.

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