Minibus Hire Portsmouth

To hire a minibus for hire in Portsmouth you need not look further than two companies whose reputation for reliability and high quality minibus hire service in Portsmouth makes them the best choice. These two local companies are:
  • National Minibus Hire
  • Strand Motors Ltd, Portsmouth

National Minibus Hire

For those people that need to hire a minibus in Portsmouth, National Minibus Hire is a the best option. This is a company that offers a range of minibus and coach hire services in Portsmouth and with more than a decade’s experience, it has become a minibus hire company that is best equipped to provide you with a minibus to suit your exact requirements.

National Minibus Hire is a minibus hire company in Portsmouth that offers six, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-four and even twenty-five seat minibuses for hire. what’s more, it also offers larger coaches to suit the needs of much larger groups. The company also has the ability to provide suitable minibuses for different occasions including

  • nights out
  •  weddings
  •  corporate events and much more.
To find out more about its rates and minibuses you can send the company an email or you can also call them on the phone by dialling 0161 408 9552 or 0203 286 5257.

Strand Motors Ltd, Portsmouth

Strand Motors Ltd, Portsmouth is another minibus hire company that offers high quality minibus services in Portsmouth. This is in fact a reputable premier minibus hire company in Portsmouth that also owns a large fleet of minibuses. Furthermore, Strand Motors is a family owned business that was established more than fifty years ago in the year 1959 and is the largest operator of luxury minibuses in Portsmouth.

This is a company that also employs only those employees that have passed CRB tests and it is also an approved operator with the Hampshire County & Portsmouth City Council. The company also only rents out the safest, most reliable, clean and comfortable minibuses.

Its headquarters are located in Southsea where there is also a garage with every amenity to carry out servicing as well as general repairs of each of its minibuses. This minibus hire company is a one stop transportation provider and can also offer courier services for small parcels.

Strand Motors Ltd, Portsmouth is the proud owner of a fleet of nineteen minibuses that include four high quality executive minibuses that are fitted with the best liveries. In addition, the company also offers luxury minibuses and can handle any kind of transportation requirement.

Strand Motors is also a minibus hire company in Portsmouth that can rent out sixteen seat minibuses and it also rents out minibuses for any distance. It is also a specialist minibus hire company that is celebrating its fifty years of service and is proud of being able to offer the very best and most reliable services in the city of Portsmouth and its surrounding areas.

This is also a minibus hire company that offers contract transport and offers high quality minibuses to take you to the airport.

Contact information

If you are interested in booking a minibus or if you need to know more about this company then you can either visit their office in person or speak to the company’s reps on the phone. The company’s postal address is Strand Motors, Port Royal Street, Southsea Hants PO5 4NP and its telephone numbers are 02392 730966 and 02392 420170.

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