Minibus Hire Prices

If you are looking for information about minibus hire prices you will need to address three very important issues that will help you deal with a company that offers the best minibus hire prices. These three issues are:
  • Identify the right company
  • Minibus size
  • All inclusive prices

Identify and find the right company

If you want to deal with a company that supplies minibuses for hire at the most competitive prices then you will need to learn more about how much minibus companies in the UK charge for their minibuses. There are a number of companies out there in the UK that are offering fantastic prices. All that you have to do is find them.

To understand the concept of what constitutes reasonable minibus hire prices it is also important to take a close look at the kinds of minibuses the company offers for hire. In addition, you must also check to see whether the minibus hire company has a network of locations spread throughout the UK. A solid network of UK-wide locations will make it easier and more pleasant to hire a minibus in the UK and at the right price.

Minibus size

To understand how much is a reasonable price to pay to hire a minibus in the UK it is also necessary to look at the size of the minibus being offered for rent. In addition, it also helps if you check to see whether the minibuses being offered are modern clean and well kept. Most minibus hire companies in the UK supply minibuses of various kinds and sizes and will also charge differently for each minibus depending on its size.

There are various sizes to choose from including

  • 5 seaters
  • 7 seaters
  • 9 seaters
  • 15 seaters
  • 16 seaters
  • 17 seaters
The small five seat minibus are large enough to only hold luggage of three passengers while the slightly larger seven seat minibus can also hold the same amount of luggage but can also accommodate seven people.

For higher luggage capacity, you may need to look at other options including the nine and fifteen and even seventeen seat minibuses. Minibus hire prices for such minibuses will definitely be higher than for the smaller five and seven seat minibuses.

Are prices inclusive?

It is also important for you to check minibus hire prices to see whether these are all inclusive or whether they are only base prices. If the minibus hire prices are not all inclusive, then you will need to check to see how much extra will be added to the price to account for insurance, VAT, CDW and the like.

Typically, minibus hire prices for a seven seat VW Sharan minibus would be about 161.99 pounds per day while the cost of hiring a Ford Transit minibus fifteen seat will be about 171.98 pounds per day. The minibus hire prices for a larger seventeen seat would be 184.98 pounds per day and the minibus hire prices for a VW Transporter Shuttle would be 186.98 pounds per day.

Sometimes, companies also include unlimited mileage, registration fee and even road tax in their quoted minibus hire prices. In addition, these minibus hire prices may also include third party insurance and loss damage waiver. If the prices are not all inclusive then it is also necessary to add VAT to arrive at the real minibus hire prices. VAT may be as high as twenty percent.

Minibus hire prices will also rise, depending on factors such as whether you need to
  • add extended loss damage waiver including theft insurance
  • install or use a navigation system

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