Minibus Hire Reading

If you are serious about hiring the best minibus in Reading there are presently two companies that know how to provide you with the best minibus hire service in Reading. These two local companies are:
  • Norman’s Minibus Hire
  • Berkshire Van Hire

Norman’s Minibus Hire

Norman’s Minibus Hire is a well known minibus hire company that offers reliable as well as trustworthy service in Reading. The company is owned and operated by a family and has been in this line of business for the past fifteen plus years. During all this time, the company has gained a lot of experience and has become a leading company that provides excellent customer care. It is also a good minibus hire company for those who want more individualised attention.

Norman’s Minibus Hire is also a minibus hire company that provides minibus services at very competitive prices and in fact their prices are based solely on individual customer requests. Though this is primarily a minibus hire company that is based in Reading it is more than happy to serve customers from outside Reading and is also capable of serving customers in other parts of the UK.

In addition, this is also a minibus hire company that employs CRB checked drivers. This is important because Norman’s Minibus Hire often has to carry single children and so needs to ensure that these children can be driven to their destinations in the safest manner possible.

Norman’s Minibus Hire also keeps its minibuses in good condition and maintains them on a regular basis to ensure that customers are always transported in a safe and reliable manner. Also, regardless of the occasion for which the minibus is required, this is a company that is best equipped to offer a suitable solution.

To contact this company you can visit its premises in person or you can also contact the company over the phone. The postal address of the company is Norman’s Mini Bus Hire, 20 Hartland Road Whitley Reading Berkshire RG2 8BN. Their telephone number is 0845 474 9907.

Berkshire Van Hire

Berkshire Van Hire offers high quality minibus hire services in Reading and is an independent company that serves Berkshire as well as Buckinghamshire from its different branches which are located in High Wycombe and Reading. It is also the right minibus hire company for those who have special requirements and can provide a suitable minibus from its extensive fleet of minibuses. You can hire a seven seat Exec 2.5 minibus for 73.05 pounds per day and 368.25 pounds for five days. The weekly rental price for such a minibus is 370.65 pounds and for 28 days hire this minibus hire Reading company charges 1482.60 pounds. These rates do not include VAT or insurance.

You can also hire an eight seat Ford Tourneo 2.5 minibus for a rate of 54.96 pounds per day and for five days hire the price is 274.80 pounds. The weekly rental price is 274.82 pounds while for 28 days hire the company charges 1099.28 pounds. These prices again do not include insurance or VAT.

Contact information

To contact this minibus hire Reading company you can walk into their office at BVH Reading 111-113 Loverock Road, Battle Farm Industrial Estate, Reading, Berkshire RG30 1DZ. You can also call them on the phone on 44 0118 956 9567.

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