Minibus Hire Salford

There are three very good options available to those who wish to hire a minibus in Salford. Three companies that currently offer the best minibus hire services in Salford are:
  • Luxitravel
  • Passengers Car Group
  • Lynch Private Hire


Luxitravel is a minibus hire company in Salford that is based in Manchester and offers minibuses for hire to customers throughout the Manchester and in the entire North West. This minibus hire company was established in the year 2005 and has plenty of experience in providing reliable and friendly services to each of its customers.

Luxitravel is also a minibus hire company that rents out minibuses for airport transfer services in the North West and in Salford. This company offers the best corporate minibus hire services in all of Manchester and is also the right company to offer corporate hire services.

If you would like to contact this minibus hire Salford company, you can do so by visiting 18 Langsett Avenue, Salford, Greater Manchester M6 8BU or you can speak to the company’s reps on the phone by calling their mobile number which is 07903094249. In addition, it is also possible to email the company to obtain desired information.

Passenger Cars Group

Passenger Car Groups is a reliable minibus hire company in Salford that offers the best minibuses for hire, outstanding customer care and the very best in minibus rentals. This minibus hire company was the first company in Salford to privately hire out rental vehicles in Manchester. This company has been serving customers since 1963 and has developed into a premier minibus hire company that serves the entire North West.

Passenger Cars Group also offers a range of vehicles for hire including minibuses that can accommodate eight, twelve and even sixteen passengers and it also provides minibuses for every kind of occasion at the most competitive prices.

This minibus hire company has wisely invested its money and created the most technologically advanced booking and control system which enable it to provide reliable, quick and very efficient services.

Passenger Cars Group is also the fastest growing minibus hire company in Salford that serves the North West and is also the only company to provide its services in the renowned Trafford Centre in Salford.

This minibus hire company also offers high quality minibuses for hire and its fleet of minibuses is new and none of its minibuses is ever older than three years. The company also excels at providing the best airport transfer services in Manchester.

To book your minibus, you will need to visit the company’s office at The Ship, The Orient, The Trafford Centre, Manchester M17 8EH and you can also speak to the staff by calling 0161 747 6000 or you can contact the company by email.

Lynch Private Hire

Lynch Private Hire is a minibus hire company that offers a variety of minibuses for hire in Salford. The company has been operating out of Swinton/Salford for the past thirty-two years and offers the best and most reliable services. It also offers concessions for corporate customers.

To book a minibus, you can contact this minibus hire Salford company at their email address and you can also reach them on the phone by dialling 0161 793 6677.

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