Minibus Hire Worcestershire

For anyone that is seeking to deal with a honest and reliable minibus hire company in Worcestershire the best option for them is to deal with two local companies that excel in offering high class minibuses for hire in Worcestershire. These two companies are
  • Naz Minibuses
  • Cathedral Cars

Naz Minibuses

Naz Minibuses is a minibus hire company in Worcestershire that understands that hiring a minibus can be a very stress filled and complicated process because of having to deal with many different factors.

Before hiring a minibus, it is a good idea to address certain factors chief among which is to decide on the correct size and the numbers of minibuses that need to be hired. In addition, you will also need to consider factors such as the costs involved in hiring the vehicles. Naz Minibuses offers help and advice and also excels at providing top class service. It also offers an extensive range of minibuses for hire that customers can choose from depending on their requirements.

Naz Minibuses offers high quality minibuses that are fitted with the best safety features. When you hire a minibus from this minibus hire company you can rest assured that you will reach your destination on time and in the safest manner possible. Whether you need a small minibus or a large one, this minibus hire Worcestershire company can provide you with one to suit your exact requirements.

Diverse range of minibuses for hire

Naz Minibuses offers diverse range of minibuses including six, seven, eight, twelve and sixteen seat minibuses. These minibuses are of different types and can be used for a variety of purposes. For small groups of people it makes sense to hire their six seat minibuses. These minibuses are the right option for airport transfers.

The company also supplies seven seat minibuses for hire. These minibuses suitable for those who need some additional space for their luggage or who need to accommodate an extra person on a minibus.

The company also rents out the eight seat minibus and it is a minibus that offers all the benefits that you get from the six and seven seat varieties but there is extra space available for an additional passenger and for more luggage. This is the perfect minibus for travelling in a small group that does not want to spend too much money.

Rent a twelve seat minibus

Naz Minibuses is also a minibus hire that also rents out the twelve seat minibus for transporting slightly larger groups of people. Each minibus will be hired out by this minibus hire company for a very competitive price. Naz Minibuses also supplies the fourteen seat minibus for hire. this minibus is the right option for transporting a large group for

  • weddings
  • ¬†employee teams
  • stag and hen parties
This minibus hire Worcestershire company also rents out the sixteen seat minibus that can accommodate a large group and all their luggage. This is a nationwide minibus hire company that serves Worcestershire as well as the rest of the UK.

To book your minibus with this minibus hire Worcestershire company you will need to contact the company either in person or via phone or email. Their postal address is 808 Skyline 2 Manchester Lancashire M5 4EM and their contact numbers are 0203 239 4622 and 0161 408 1552. You can also contact the company via email.

Cathedral Cars

Cathedral Cars is a reputable minibus hire company in Worcester that owns and operates a large fleet of taxis and minibuses. The company rents out its minibuses throughout Worcestershire and its offices are open for business 24/7. It offers its minibuses for rent for various occasions including for

  • day trips
  • night outs
  • special needs
  • airport transfers
  • corporate travel
To contact this company, you will need to call the company on 01905 767 400 or you can also contact the company by sending it an email.

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