Minibus Hire Under 25

Many young people visit the UK each year as backpackers either on a sightseeing holidaying or arriving planning to work on a working holiday visa.  Once in the country it’s easy to befriend other people and to plan to travel together in a group.  However, if you are under 25, hiring a vehicle can be a little frustrating.  Some companies do offer minibus hire under 25 services, so let’s take a closer look.

What are the Special Conditions for Minibus Hire under 25?

The UK has unique laws and conditions relating to drivers under 25.  Hire companies may be hesitant to hire a vehicle to someone under 25 regardless of how good a driving record they may have, or how long they have held a licence.  This can be a source of frustration for the younger driver wanting to hire a vehicle to travel around the country in preference to travelling on public transport.

There are a few companies that may restrict hiring a minibus to person’s over the age of 25 and it’s essential to discuss this with the hire company prior to signing any paper work for the use of a vehicle.  It is possible to find smaller companies who will hire a vehicle to people over the age of 21 or 23, but you will need to be willing to search around for a company depending on where you want to commence and end your travel.

Organising Minibus Hire for under 25’s

Friends may be able to direct you to a company that will hire a vehicle to you and your group.  Often backpacker hostels will have information on hand about which companies are locally available and willing to approve the hire of a vehicle.  It needs to be noted that some international companies have different conditions for UK driving than they do in other countries such as the USA.  Even if it appears that a company will provide a vehicle on application, ensure you talk to a customer service representative for more specific information and verbal approvals.  Some companies that do provide vehicles to the under 25’s include:

  • Adeva Vehicle Rentals - located in Chester they service the local area.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car - available throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  .
  • Vroom Vroom Hire - located in offices throughout the UK.  They are associates of most major car hire companies in the UK.

Costs of Minibus Hire under 25

The surcharges and excesses applied to a young driver are passed onto the hire companies by their insurance companies and most companies cannot afford to waive them even for customers with excellent driving records.  The cost of hiring will depend on the size of minibus selected and the distance it will travel.  Total costs are usually provided at the time a quote is requested.  Hire companies suggest using coupons and available methods of reducing daily hiring costs to reduce the total cost on minibus and car rental.

Despite the potential for difficulty in locating a hire company who will provide a reasonable quote to younger drivers, minibus hire under 25 years remains an excellent way of organising group travel if you want to travel around the UK with friends.

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