Minibus Hire With a Driver

When people think of hiring a minibus, they often think of self drive vehicles.  Whilst this option is a good option for some group activities, mini bus hire with a driver can make a special event even more special or a day tour more interesting with a knowledgeable driver who can also act as a tour guide. 

Imagine your daughter being picked up with her friends in a minibus with a driver for a school formal, or your family planning a sightseeing day trip to a nearby city whilst you are holidaying in the UK.  Consider the convenience of having your board being able to travel together to an important business conference in a bus equipped with Wi-Fi that enables you to continue your business affairs whilst en route to the venue.  There are many good reasons why a Minibus hire with a driver provides both benefit and novelty to many occasions you, your family or work colleagues may need to hire a vehicle for.

What is Minibus Hire with a Driver?

Minibuses are a convenient way to transport groups larger than those that will fit in a typical large car designed to carry 6 or 7 passengers.  Whilst most small minivans don’t require a special licence to drive, there are restrictions on the number of passengers and the size of larger minivans.  If your party is very big, a driver with a special licence may be required when you hire the van.

A driver also provides other benefits to your travel plans.  They will call prior to picking you up to determine if you or any of your travelling companions have special needs or other requirements for the trip.  Many minibuses are equipped to assist passengers in wheelchairs or who may require other assistance for their special needs.


How Can I Find a Minibus Hire with a Driver?

Friends and family may have used a minibus for a personal outing or a family wedding or special event.  Request help from them to locate a good service provider if possible.  Most hire companies hiring out minibuses will provide a driver either on request or as a normal service to the customer.  Some are included in the cost of the hire, other companies charge extra for a driver.  Companies that hire minivans with drivers that provide hire services throughout the UK include:

  • Easirent Car Hire
  • Airport Pickups in London
  • Everydays Travel  

How Much does a Minibus Hire with a Driver Cost?

The cost of hiring a minibus with a driver will depend on certain factors including the location of pick up and destination for passenger drop off as well as type of minibus selected and the facilities it provides.  The average daily cost of a 16 seat luxury bus with driver is approximately £350.  This cost when divided amongst 16 passengers works out at less than £20 per passenger per day, making minibus hire an affordable and attractive means of organising travel for larger groups of people.

If you fancy travelling in comfort, why not look into minibus hire with a driver.  You are sure to have more fun when travelling with a group and at a price you can afford.

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