Self Drive Minibus Hire

Hiring a minibus gives an excellent option when travelling in a group; hundreds of thousands of people each year across the UK look to self-drive minibus hire as an option to travel. They can be used for many different occasions and to travel to endless destinations; families choose a minibus to travel on holiday, sports teams use them to get o events and stag and hen parties use them for getting away on a weekend. Whatever the travel option there is likely to be a minibus to suit.

Benefits of self-drive minibus hire

If you are looking into the possibility of hiring a minibus you are generally faced with two choices; self-drive or with driver. There are numerous benefits that the choice of a self-drive minibus has over its opposition.

The first and biggest benefit is that of freedom. Hiring a self-drive minibus means that you can have the bus over a period of time and can travel where and when you like. Some of the larger companies providing minibus hire allow their fleet to travel into Europe; this can be an excellent option for holidaying and one that is simply not possible with a driver.

When hiring with a driver you are likely to be limited to where you can travel and how long you can have the vehicle; drivers generally work between certain hours and will not be able to stay overnight at destinations.

Self-drive minibus hire also allows you to travel in comfort without a stranger on-board the bus, not having a driver means that you can relax and enjoy the journey with people that you know. A bus with a driver is also likely to cost more to hire as the wages of the driver need to be covered, self-drive eliminates that extra charge.

Types of minibus available

A great benefit of minibuses is the range of vehicle sizes available. Small minibuses will have enough room to seat six people and the larger buses can hold 24 people, giving them excellent flexibility and choice when booking. The larger the bus the higher the cost so it is wise that you have you travel plans in order to ensure that you hire the minibus that is suited to your needs.

Some self-drive minibus hire companies offer the option of a luxury minibus, this usually includes a mini-bar stocked with refreshments, a TV and DVD and a sound system. Luxury hire can be a good choice for longer journeys and for children.

Self-drive minibus hire criteria

Some companies may have certain restrictions on who is eligible to drive a bus from their fleet; there will generally be a minimum age set, this is likely to be between the ages of 21 and 25 with a minimum of three years driving experience. An upper limit of aged 70 is also in place with almost every hire company.

A minibus that has over 16 seats will require that the driver has a category D1; this will automatically be present on any driver that has passed the UK driving test prior to January 1997.

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