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Cardiff is the capital city and largest city in the country of Wales. The vibrancy of the city and the numerous tourist attractions mean that it is also a place with a highly competitive market in self-drive minibus hire. Cardiff has excellent links by road to all areas of the UK meaning a minibus is often the vehicle of choice for people travelling on days out or weekends away.

Minibuses come in a diverse range of sizes; the most popular being 9, 12, 15 and 17 seater minibuses and will require certain driving licence requirements. These state that anyone with a car licence can drive a minibus up to 16 seats providing it is not for profit; any bus above 16 seats will require that the driver has a D1 entitlement on their license.

Getting a quote for van hire

Getting a quote can often be the thing that slows you down more than anything, phoning around each company in Cardiff can become quite monotonous; using the internet can speed up the process considerably.

There are two websites that specialise in finding companies that offer self-drive minibus hire. Cardiff based companies can be found in seconds at a quote can be gathered in minutes. These websites are and and simply by entering your location you are able find companies listed in your area, all with full contact details.

For tourists to the city, visiting the website and selecting Cardiff will lead to numerous links to minibus hire companies throughout the city.

Nationwide self-drive minibus hire

You will generally have two options when choosing self-drive minibus hire, Cardiff is a city catered with both; this is the choice between local independent hire firms and nationwide companies.

There are a number of benefits when choosing a nationwide company. The first one is the one way rental option; this is the ideal choice for anyone travelling from Cardiff to another destination but not planning on returning in the near future. Nationwide companies have many depots spread across each area of the UK, and this enables you to pick up your minibus from Cardiff and return to a depot at your chosen destination.

Another benefit of a nationwide company is the option of European travel. Local companies generally do not have the facilities to provide this option. Unlimited mileage is also provided by many large companies and there is a better change of you getting the minibus you need compared with a smaller company who may only have access to a small fleet.

Nationwide companies providing self-drive minibus hire: Cardiff (listed by website):


Local self-drive minibus hire

The advantage that the local companies have over the nationwide franchise companies is price. Large hire firms have more depots and more staff, therefore larger overheads. Local firms are generally run by two or three staff in one base; this allows them to pass cheaper prices onto customers.
Local companies providing self-drive minibus hire: Cardiff:

  • Blackwood Self-Drive Vehicle Rentals

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