Self Drive Minibus Hire Hull

If you hail from East Yorkshire and are on the lookout for self-drive van hire, Hull is the place you should visit. Hull (also known as Kingston-upon-Hull) is a city with excellent ties to the surrounding areas. Minibus companies based in the city are able to provide services throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire area and further afield into Humberside.

Conditions in place when hiring a self-drive minibus

There are certain criteria that must be met when looking for self-drive minibus hire; Hull, like all other areas of the UK will have companies that differ on what this criterion is. The first element is the age a driver is required to be before hiring a minibus; companies will differ on what the minimum age is required to be. 21 is the most common age although some companies may set the age at 25 or even 27. One thing that is unanimous is the maximum age eligible to drive a minibus that age being 70.

Most companies will require that the driver has a minimum of 12 months driving experience and has had no major accidents during this time.

There are also licence restrictions in place, these are law enforced and will be applied by every self-drive hire firm. Anyone in the UK with a standard car licence is eligible to drive a minibus that has anything up to 16 seats, providing it is not for profit, if that person is driving for reward or the bus is over 16 seats then a category D1 will be required on the licence. A D1 will be automatically present on any driving licence prior to January 1997; anyone with a licence after this time will have had to undergone specific training to get this classification.

Using the Hull Car Hire website

It can sometimes be tough to find suitable self-drive minibus hire, Hull has many companies spread across the city and not everyone will be able to match your requirements. Using Hull Care Hire can aid you in your search. is a search engine that aims to save you time and money it also provides the benefit of not having to go from website to website filling in travel plans and contact details.

All that is required to find the perfect hire is to input details of travel times into the online quotation box and wait whist searches out the best priced quotes. The site searches through both local and global hire companies to find the best deal and has the added bonus of no deposits or cancellation fees being applied.

Self-drive companies in Hull

There are both local and national companies based in Hull that can provide self-drive minibus hire. Hull based van and car hire companies will often has a selection of minibuses on offer, these may not be advertised in the company name or description and will you will often need to visit individual websites to find them, here are websites of some of the companies in the area worth visiting:


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