Self Drive Minibus Hire Ipswich

When looking to travel as a group, a minibus is the best way to do so. Other methods of travel such as air and rail can prove to be a hassle booking and extremely costly. Using multiple cars as an alternative also proves costly and uneconomical. Minibuses can be hired both with and without a driver the latter gives a freedom to travel where and when you want without being restricted in the hours you can lease the vehicle. The UK is a very popular place for self-drive van hire; Ipswich is one area that has a large market from both locals and visitors to the town.

What to look for when hiring a minibus

Most towns and cities in the UK are similar when it comes to self-drive minibus hire, Ipswich is no different and there are certain things you should look to have included in your vehicle hire.

Minibuses come in a variety of sizes from 6 to 24 seats; most companies tend to stock buses ranging from 6-17. The price of hire will depend on the size of minibus you choose, the larger he bus, the higher the rate.

Every company should be able to provide you with breakdown cover and insurance for your van; most firms will include this as part of the quoted price, although there will be differences in the breakdown cover provider and insurance policy (comprehensive or third party). 

When gathering quotes it is important that you make sure that the price you are quoted is the one that you pay, check that no hidden costs are involved. Some companies will quote a price and then add VAT when the payment is due, this can add 20% on the price of hire.

Mileage will also be a factor; some companies will provide unlimited mileage whereas others may have a set daily limit. After a limit has been exceeded a charge per mile will be put in place (this is not normally more than 20p per mile).

Self-drive minibus hire companies

When it comes to self-drive minibus hire, Ipswich is as good a place as any to live or visit. They have a town that is catered to by both national and local companies; many also supply minibuses throughout the whole of the Suffolk County.

John Grose

John Grose are a company that offers car and van sales and specialises in self-drive minibus hire, Ipswich is catered to with a selection of 12 and 17 seat vehicles that can be hired over daily, weekly and weekend terms. All buses are modern and low mileage with forward facing, individually seat belted seats.

Northgate Vehicle Hire

Northgate Vehicle Hire is one of the largest rental companies in the UK their location in Eastway Business Park is the ideal location to supply Ipswich with first rate minibuses.

Global Self-Drive

Global Self-Drive are one of the leading specialists in self-drive minibus hire, Ipswich is one of many locations that the company caters to as they continue become a rising power in vehicle hire. Buses range from 8-17 seats.

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