Self Drive Minibus Hire Scotland

There are many places in the UK that benefit from self-drive minibus hire and Scotland is definitely one of them. As a country, Scotland is one of the most beautiful in the world; it mixes picturesque landscapes with architecture and modern cities. If you are travelling to Scotland and planning on touring the country then a self-drive minibus is a great option to do so.

Why choose a self-drive minibus?

There are many benefits to choosing self-drive minibus hire. Scotland offers two choices when looking to hire - self-drive or a bus with driver. Before we get to the benefits of the self-drive option, let look at the positives that a minibus has over other methods of travel.

When travelling a group, whether it is on holiday, a stag or hen party, to a sports event or to a corporate event you generally have the choice of rail, air or road. Choosing to travel by train can be extremely expensive and finding a cheap ticket can be time consuming. Rail travel cannot guarantee you travel as a group together; it often occurs that the group is split and seated in different areas.

Journeying to your destination by plane can often be the quickest method of travel but it is also expensive and a hassle to go through the check-in procedure and wait around for your flight. Travelling by road and not doing so by minibus often means using multiple cars, this can be cramped and costly in terms of fuel, there is also the risk of becoming detached from each other on motorways.

Self-drive minibus hire allows a group to remain together and travel in comfort. It is also an efficient and cost effective method of travel as the total cost can be split around the group equally.

Choosing self-drive hire or hire with a driver presents you with a freedom to travel as and where you like; this is a great option when touring around Scotland. When hiring with a driver you are generally restricted on the hours you can have the vehicle and overnight hire is rarely an option. There is also the added cost of the driver’s wages and travelling with a stranger in the group.

How to find a suitable minibus?

There are hundreds of companies that specialise in self-drive minibus hire; Scotland has towns and cities that will provide you with many options. Not all companies will have a minibus that suits you requirements, some hire firms may only have a fleet containing minibuses suited to small groups of 7-9 people. This will be unsuitable if your group is one of 15 people.

Using a directory such as or can help you to find the perfect vehicle in the area that you are visiting.

A nationwide company will generally have depots across the country specialising in self-drive minibus hire, Scotland is home to a few of these companies. is the premier online rental company in the country and has a range of minibuses on offer. Other useful websites include:


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