Self Drive Minibus Hire UK

Travelling as a group is fun and enjoyable. Whether you are travelling on holiday, on a stag and hen party or to a sporting event, doing so by minibus allows you the freedom to travel in comfort and with people with which you enjoy spending time with. One popular form of rental is self-drive minibus hire, UK towns and cities from Aberdeen to Exeter have numerous options when it comes to hiring self-drive.

What is self-drive hire?

Self-drive hire is basically what it says in the name, hiring a vehicle to drive your-self. There are generally two choices when hiring a minibus in the UK, these are self-drive or with driver. Hiring self-drive is the ideal choice for many people as it allows people a freedom to travel when and how they wish.

Minibus driving criteria

There are certain requirements that a driver will need to fulfil when opting for self-drive minibus hire. UK companies will have certain restrictions on who is eligible to drive on of their vehicles.

The first restriction is age. The driver of a minibus will generally need to be over the age of 21, some companies may set the minimum age higher at 23 or 25, there is also an upper age limit laid out by all rental firms. Most companies will have the age set at 70 although some may allow people aged up to 75.

The second restriction is on driving licence and experience. Minibuses from 7-16 seats will be able to be driven by anyone that holds a car licence, providing the bus is driven on a non-profit basis. Any minibus that exceeds 16 seats will require the driver to hold a category D1 licence. The D1 classification is automatically present on any licence from 1 January 1997 or earlier.

Some companies may ask that any driver of the vehicle has some form of experience, this is generally 12 months with no accidents, a minority of companies may ask for a driver with 24 or 36 months clean driving experience.

Minibus hire companies

Britain has no shortage self-drive minibus hire, UK independent companies are found alongside globally recognised vehicle rental firms in most towns and cities. Opting for a global or nationwide company will almost guarantee you a rental from whatever area of the UK you reside. Nationwide companies such as the following operate with hundreds of locations across every area:

  • Nationwide Hire UK
  • Enterprise
  • Sixt
  • Practical
  • Northgate
  • 5th-gear
There are good benefits that come with hiring from a nationwide company; the first benefit is the fleet of minibuses. As the large companies operate on a large scale they generally have fleets which include varied types of minibus, you are also guaranteed to receive the bus you need at any time.

Another benefit of nationwide self-drive minibus hire, UK travel is not restricted to a certain area. Most companies can offer European travel and one way rentals which allow you to hire the vehicle from one area of the UK and return it to another.

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