Self Drive Minibus Hire Wales

Wales is located within the United Kingdom and is both a great place to live and visit; it is also a country well suited to self-drive minibus hire. Wales has many, many places to visit and a lot of of the beautiful beaches and mountain regions such as Snowdonia are difficult to access by public transport. Using a minibus allows you to travel as a group around the country at your own pace enjoy many activities along the way.

There are countless options when opting for self-drive minibus hire. Wales has a number of companies, some local family run companies and others operated UK wide. The best areas to find minibus hire in the country are the big cities, namely those in the south such as Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.

What type of minibuses is there?

There are different types of minibus that will suit small groups of people. Minibuses that are available to hire on a self-drive basis generally have between 7 and 17 seats. The 7 seater vehicles are also known as multi passenger vehicles (MPV), these are similar in appearance to large car and give the much the same driving experience. Common 7 seaters are the Vauxhall Zafira and the Ford Galaxy.

The step up from the 7 seater is the 9 seater, these vehicles resemble a minibus is appearance and offer excellent space for a group to travel. Most companies offering a 9 seater minibus will supply either a VW Shuttle or a Ford Tourneo.

The 12, 15 and 17 seat minibuses are the most widely used on the market, the Ford Transit is the most popular model on the market in these sizes. Larger minibuses in these sizes are also manufactured by Mercedes, LDV and Volkswagen. When looking for self-drive minibus hire, Wales based companies will almost certainly stock a 15 or 17 seat bus in their fleet.

Choosing a minibus hire company

There are many companies in the UK that specialise in self-drive minibus hire; Wales is home to a decent amount of these companies. Choosing a vehicle that is suited to your requirements can be tough and there is often the worry of receiving poor service. Looking for companies that are affiliated to the United Rental System and members of the BVRLA will ensure that the service you receive is a quality one.

The United Rental System oversees more than 400 smaller rental companies in the UK and many more throughout the world through parent company Sixt. They have been in operation since 1991 and ensure that all of its independently run affiliates adhere to rigorous quality standards which are put in place of both vehicles and customer service practices.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association are the trade body in the UK for any business looking to provide vehicles on a rental o lease basis. The BVRLA ensures that consumers receive the best possible service for their chosen hire firm and that all vehicles are maintained to the highest standards. The BVRLA buys almost half of the UK’s new vehicles to keep fleets modern and low mileage.

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