15 Seater Minibus Hire

Travelling in a minibus is a good option for just about anyone who wants a relaxing experience on the road. Different 15 seater minibus hire companies will have varying rates though. That’s because not everyone offers the same things as part of their package. Some will charge a fee based on the distance to be travelled while others will charge based on the time taken for the trip. A few 15 seater minibus hire companies even offer all inclusive packages which include the cost of an overnight hotel stay. The amount that one will have to pay up front is also variable. Firms will either demand a 20 to 25% deposit or full payment before the trip has even started.

There are some etiquette rules that must be followed when using a 15 seater minibus hire service. Remember that one is simply leasing a vehicle, not buying the rights it. Therefore one needs to show some respect for other people’s property. Smoking is not usually allowed in public minibuses since in most cases it is against the law. Alcohol use too is often prohibited unless a hefty additional fee is paid. Even if one is planning to party, it might be best to just leave the alcohol use for outside the vehicle. In addition, tipping the driver is always a nice gesture. The suggested rate for this varies and it’s up to the travellers to decide how generous they’re feeling.

How does one go about finding a good 15 seater minibus hire company? There are a few ways. The first is to use the resource most easily available, friends and family. Ask around to determine if anyone has ever needed the services of a 15 seater minibus hire company and elicit their advice regarding their experience. If one doesn’t know anyone who has used a minibus, try searching online. Many 15 seater minibus hire companies now have their own websites and some even offer discounts for signing up online.

There are also a number of websites which specialize in reviews of 15 seater minibus hire services. Take advantage of these as they can have some very good information. Be wary about one or two negative comments against a particular company though. It could just be a single disgruntled customer, or even a competitor in disguise. Finally, there are always the local yellow pages. The advantage of this is that one can more easily visit the rental companies and have a look at their vehicles.

Once one has made a shortlist of reputable 15 seater minibus hire companies, it’s time to get some quotes. Before doing this one needs to be sure that they know exactly what they’re going to be using the minibus for, and what is needed. This will help the 15 seater minibus hire company to put together a more realistic quote than if they’re given vague details. One needs to ensure that they know precisely what is covered in the quotes that they receive. Don’t assume that everything is included. Look at the fine print as some companies like to throw in extra hidden fees.

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