Hyundai Minibus

Hyundai has been around for a long time, but was pretty much restricted to the Asian market until the late 1980s, when it entered the North American market with the Hyundai Excel. It didn’t exactly make a bang. It was more like a whimper of dissatisfaction. While their vehicles became known for their low price, the unfortunate stigma of low quality went hand in hand with this. Still, they held on to a market share because their automobiles were affordable. Rumours were circulating for a long time that the Hyundai group was planning on introducing a new Hyundai minibus. This didn’t come into fruition until 2005 when the announcement was made that production would start on a long wheelbase version of the Sedona.

Some of the most popular types of high end minibus are the Dodge Caravan, the Chrysler Town & Country, the pricey Honda Odyssey, and the Toyota Sienna. There are seen as the top when it comes to quality and reliability. The Hyundai minibus does have its work cut out as these four models are rich in the features that consumers are looking for. But the Entourage is not without an arsenal of its own. It comes equipped with a powerful engine, fully powered doors and windows, an ABS braking system, triple zone air conditioning, front and side airbags and traction control.

One of the biggest advantages that Hyundai has is its pricing structure. Many of the better known brands are getting out of the minibus market, simply because they cost too much to manufacture. Difficult financial conditions have to lead to cutbacks and only high performing, high sales lines are being concentrated on. This has left a space that the Hyundai minibus is only too happy to fill. Other brands of minibus can reach a very high price range. An affordable Hyundai minibus can be the only option for those who do not have the funds for a pricier model, but who still want the convenience and comfort of a minibus.

Hyundai has become known for its competitiveness, so one can well expect that this Hyundai Minibus is a top contender for efficiency and quality. This might not have been the case in the beginning, but the introduction of any new vehicle is bound to have some setbacks. It’s a learning curve and the company has gone to great lengths to ensure that they have learnt from their mistakes with this Hyundai minibus. There have been many improvements in terms of design and features, but there is still room for some more. Should this Hyundai minibus be truly revolutionized it could very well take away a lot of sales from the bigger brand names.

The minibus market is becoming increasingly competitive since many families are opting to purchase them for their transportation needs. This makes it much more possible to get a high quality vehicle at an affordable price. A Hyundai minibus has a reputation for affordability. Now they just need to fine tune the quality and they’ll be set.

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