Types of Minibus

There are so many different types of minibus on the market nowadays that it can be very difficult to choose which one to buy or rent. To make this decision easier it is first necessary to know a little about all the types of minibus. Minibuses these days can pretty much be customized to fit anyone’s personal needs. They can include items such as auxiliary heating, increased ventilation or even additional lights inside to mention a few. There’s quite a number of leading minibus manufacturers worldwide which provide different types of minibus. They include Ford, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

One of the most popular types of minibus is the 15-seat Ford Transit, which is now being offered in various sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, they all have common features like the all-wheel-drive (AWD) system which helps the driver maneuver the vehicle on low friction surfaces and in bad weather conditions. Not to be outdone, Fiat has come out with the Fiat Ducato minibus which has a range of wheelbases and several engine options. It can accommodate anywhere from nine to seventeen passengers easily and has a name that many find synonymous with quality.

One might not automatically think of luxury and minibus in the same sentence but there are even types of minibus which fall into the luxury category, such as the Mercedes Benz Vito minibus. It comes in three wheelbase sizes with either six speed manual options or five speed automatic transmissions. Many people who have driven, or even just ridden in, these types of minibus have commented on the high level of comfort that they provide. But then what else would one expect from a brand like Mercedes?

The easiest way to figure out which of the different types of minibus is the best choice is to consider its potential usage and passengers. Are the passengers who are travelling going to include disabled persons? New minibuses are now designed to make it easier for wheelchairs to physically roll aboard. These types of minibus come with slip resistant safety flooring for easy wheelchair accessibility. Some even have lengths of low profile tracking for each wheelchair position and removable seats. Wheelchair accessible minibuses provide access to the rear entrance via a ramp or have an auxiliary step-to-side passenger entrance to give more space for the wheelchairs to roll on.

Minibuses are very versatile and can be utilized as school buses, charter tour buses or even as private transport. Before choosing between the types of minibus, determine what it’s going to be used for. Different types of minibus are more suited to certain purposes. For example, one wouldn’t use a very expensive luxury minibus to transport school children. As long one is talking about transporting people, there are very few things that minibuses can’t handle. Or course it depends on how many people are to be carried. Smaller types of minibus can carry seven to nine people. If one is planning to have a heaver passenger load then it may be wise to invest in a seventeen-seater.

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